Warren Moon Says He’d like to Reach out to Deshaun Watson: ‘Just Make Sure He’s Doing OK’

Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson is facing 22 civil lawsuits from women alleging sexual assault and misconduct, and former Houston Oilers quarterback Warren Moon wants to talk to him and see how he is doing.

Watson reported to Houston’s training camp on July 25 and practiced on July 28, but he’s still seeking a trade away from the organization. The NFL has not placed any restrictions on his activity with the team but is working with the Houston Police Department and conducting an ongoing investigation into the allegations. 

Though Watson’s legal team has filed a seven-page legal response denying the allegations, the quarterback himself has not provided any statements on the proceedings since March 16.

Warren Moon wants to check on Watson

Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson warms up before an NFL divisional round playoff game between the Houston Texans and Kansas City Chiefs | Scott Winters/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Though Watson initially requested a trade in January prior to the allegations of sexual assault and misconduct, the Houston Texans have only recently shown a desire to accommodate that request, per ESPN

So far, a few teams have shown some interest in making a trade for him, but as of now, no one has actually made a move. 

Meanwhile, Hall of Famer Warren Moon told TMZ he wants to have a conversation with Watson to see how the quarterback is holding up.

“I have not communicated with him lately, but I think I need to now that he’s in camp,” he said. “And hopefully, he’ll be available to do that because I know he’s kind of kept his camp very, very small since this whole thing happened, which I don’t blame him for. But, I’d like to reach out to him and just make sure he’s doing OK and how he’s getting through this whole thing.”

Moon’s wife called 911 on him for physical abuse

Back in 1995, Moon’s now-ex-wife Felicia called the police and “accused the Minnesota Vikings quarterback of striking her on the head with an open hand and choking her to the point that she almost lost consciousness before she escaped from the couple’s home,” per The Baltimore Sun.

She decided not to file charges against her then-husband, and he released a statement saying the incident was “a strain in our marriage.” Felicia had previously accused her then-husband of domestic abuse and filed for divorce in 1986, per the Associated Press, though the couple’s subsequent reconciliation led to the suit being dropped.

The two eventually divorced in 2002.

Warren Moon’s legal history, even if the allegations levied against him are different than the ones Watson is currently facing, may help explain why he’s interested in reaching out to the current Texans quarterback, in addition to their connection as notable Houston sports figures. 

Houston wants to trade Watson


Watson’s initial trade request predated the allegations of sexual assault and misconduct, and the Miami Dolphins seemed to be a potential landing spot. 

The Dolphins, however, have seemingly decided to stick with second-year starter Tua Tagovailoa. Now, CBS Sports has reported that talks between the Texans and Philadelphia Eagles have taken place.

NFL insider Charles Robinson spoke to a general manager and told Yahoo Sports that not many teams are willing to take a chance on the quarterback:

“The Texans aren’t getting the high price they’re asking for him right now, which is supposed to be five assets, three draft picks, and two starting-caliber players. That’s just not out there for the Texans right now. They’re not going to get it unless they find a franchise in dire straits with absolutely nothing to lose on or off the field. How many of those types of teams is Deshaun Watson going to play for? I don’t even think if you find a desperate trade partner that finishes this.”

Watson, meanwhile, didn’t show up for practice on Aug. 3. 

How to get help: In the U.S., call the RAINN National Sexual Assault Telephone Hotline at 1-800-656-4673 to connect with a trained staff member from a sexual assault service provider in your area. 

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