Washington Football Team Just Got the Blueprint For Their New Name

The Washington Football Team is moving through a challenging offseason focused on issues away from the football field. It began with their decision to finally remove their previous team name after nearly 90 years. The franchise has since engulfed themselves into the selection process for their next moniker that will reshape their entire identity. With that in mind, a fan has designed a logo and uniforms for one possible choice.

Washington finally moves toward new team name

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It has been nothing short of a rough offseason for the Washington Football Team that began with their name change.

Although it took longer than expected, team owner Daniel Snyder finally moved on from their previous racially-connected team name that stuck around for nearly 90 years. All that came after they were financially pressured to make a change.

It saw several of the team’s significant financial partners up the ante to force Snyder’s hand. FedEx, who holds the naming rights to the franchise’s stadium under a $205 million deal that extends through 2025, sent a request to change their name. It has also featured sponsors, such as Nike, Amazon, and Pepsi, pressuring the organization to make that move. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell chimed in on the situation with support backing a name change.

Since the move, Washington has delved deep into the search process to find the appropriate choice for their next name. One of the potential options has garnered significant traction, which has seen one fan design the logo and uniforms.

Fan lays out Redwolves’ logo and uniform designs

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Since Washington changed its team name, the franchise has taken a methodical approach with choosing their next moniker. It has seen several possible choices tossed out by fans with the Redwolves garnering the most traction.

It has gone far enough to push a fan to design several uniforms with that name while using second-year wide receiver Terry McLaurin to model the product. The entire ensemble utilizes the red and yellow color scheme while giving a slick new futuristic look.

The Redwolves has become the fan base’s frontrunner as the next name. It took new team president Jason Wright only 30 seconds into his job to notice that. There’s no clarity concerning what direction Washington will head, but these designs provide a picture of what things could look like with that name.

Washington will take their time with the process

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Although names such as the Redwolves, Red Tails, and Warriors have garnered traction, Washington is taking their time.

The organization has embraced taking a thorough approach with its selection process. Head coach Ron Rivera has already voiced that the franchise could play the entire 2020 season without a new name in place.

The team possesses temporary uniforms to utilize for the time being as they discuss what direction they want to head. Washington is well-aware that this decision will be pivotal in reshaping its identity, image, and culture. In other words, there is much on the table for the organization to make the appropriate choice.

The franchise is also dealing with plenty of other internal issues that have put them in hot water with the NFL. Daniel Snyder is dealing with new allegations against him involving alleged sexual harassment from former team cheerleaders. That is not to mention that Jason Wright is working out plans for their next stadium as their current contract with FedExField runs through the 2027 season.

Only time will tell how things will unfold for Washington.