Washington Football Team Name Search Takes Another Significant Step Forward

Since removing its previous controversial nickname, the Washington Football Team continues to move toward finding its next identity. Washington has handled the process primarily behind closed doors, filtering through several potential options. The franchise recently took a significant step forward by narrowing down the choices.

Washington finally elects to change controversial team name

Through nearly the first 90 years of existence, Washington held firmly to a controversial team name.

The pressure to change it finally hit a breaking point before the 2020 season after several of the franchise’s significant financial partners took a strong stance. Fed Ex, who holds the naming rights to the stadium under their $205 million deal that runs through 2025, sent a formal request asking for a name change.

Meanwhile, other sponsors, such as Nike, Amazon, and Pepsi, took the same path toward pressuring team owner Daniel Snyder. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell also chimed in by publicly backing the external push.

Snyder eventually caved in by removing the nickname to using the temporary name of the Washington Football Team as it searched for another option. The franchise has now taken another critical step toward finding its new identity.

Washington Football Team name search takes another significant step forward

Since Washington elected to change its name, the underlying focus remains on the team’s next choice.

The organization has kept much of the process behind the scenes, with the only expectation being that management will decide by next offseason. However, during the latest episode of “Making the Brand” released on Monday, team president Jason Wright revealed that the list is narrowed down to three names.

“So the three that will go through are, [inaudible], [inaudible] and [inaudible],” Wright said with the names purposely edited out.

After Wright announced that, the video shows that he and head coach Ron Rivera shared a fondness for the same name. Washington went out of its way to blur out any clue or indication of the desired logo and name.

Another part of the video showed fans seated at FedEXField looking at possible names and logo designs to provide immediate feedback to each option. It includes presidents, brigade, redhogs, commanders, armada, defenders, and redwolves.

Those could each be a potential choice, but Washington could be throwing fans for a loop to keep the three final options a secret until the selection. Nonetheless, the franchise has moved forward toward choosing the next nickname.

Name change announcement is nearing closer


The Washington Football Team Is Facing a Potentially Pricey Problem With Their Name

Washington is undoubtedly doing its due diligence toward selecting the best choice.

The next name will play a significant part in shaping the team’s image and identity. It holds tremendous weight toward creating the organization’s brand and reputation moving forward.

Washington recognizes the gravity of the situation, leading the organization to take a methodical approach. The thoroughness of the decision-making process is something that Wright fully embraces.

“We are now down to a shortlist of final names based on our strategic approach, research process, and insight phase,” Wright wrote on the team’s website last month. “We will continue to rely upon the insight and support of many of you as it moves forward to a final decision. As a team, we are confident that our new brand identity will honor our legacy and lead us into our future as a franchise.

The fans will play a significant part in the choice as they will represent and support the new brand. In other words, all that will play a factor in the franchise’s final decision that will create a fresh new identity in Washington.

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