Washington Redskins’ Name Change May Take Longer Than Expected

It took many years, but the Washington Redskins have finally moved to eliminate their team name. That has pushed forward for much-needed change that gives the franchise a clean slate with their new identity. Although many hope to see that process come to a close this offseason, it’s a situation that could take much longer than that.

Washington Redskins transitioning to new team name

Following many years of pushing for a name change, the Washington Redskins finally obliged to the outcry.

The process took a much higher financial turn for Washington after FedEx, who holds the naming rights to the franchise’s stadium under a $205 million deal that extends through 2025, requested the team to change their name. It has also seen sponsors, such as Nike, Amazon, and Pepsi, pressuring the organization to make that move.

The financial aspect of the situation turned the tide toward the team abiding by the push for change that has been prominent over the last several. It led to owner Dan Snyder to announce earlier this month that the franchise is retiring their former team name. It’s a process that has been a long time coming with many excited to see another word representing the organization for years to come. However, it’s a move that may take a bit longer than many expect.

Why the Redskins’ renaming process may take longer

Since Washington officially announced their previous team name’s retirement, there has been a steady push to see the organization decide on the next name.

However, that process is much more thoroughly than many would venture to know. As Kendall Baker of Axios Sports laid out, it’s quite a complicated process that has several steps forward finalizing that decision. The first step to the entire endeavor starts with finding a name suitable for the franchise as the franchise many different choices ahead.

The following move would be the team logo’s design under that name, as that will require a detailed process. That alone could drag out the entire search as branding experts voiced to Baker that could wind up seeing Washington wait until next year to reveal the logo.

All three sports branding experts I spoke with said they wouldn’t be surprised if Washington waits until later in the season, or even next season, to unveil its logo

That will lead to an entirely new set of apparel and uniforms that needs to be designed and manufactured. The team’s next step will be redesigning the website and any other associated with the team through the league on media platforms. Along those same lines, that procedure will need any physical location where the team’s previous name and logo were posted need to be replaced.

The name change’s final steps require to get through the trademarking of the name, any team slogans, and other owned properties. That will follow by coordinating through their business partners to spread the word and publicity of the team’s new identity.

Change will finally come


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There isn’t any clarity as to when Washington will have their new name and logo ready, but it does give insight to the entire process.

Beyond that, there should be positive feedback over the franchise finally taking the necessary step to remove their previous name. Albeit, it was forced into Dan Snyder’s hands by his business partners, but it’s a step in the right direction. That alone should heighten and further emphasize the importance of choosing the appropriate name and logo to avoid any manner like this from arising again.

It’s in Washington’s hands to amend the mistake and move forward in the right direction.