What Actions Could the Green Bay Packers Take to Get Aaron Rodgers into Training Camp?

The Green Packers are just weeks away from opening training camp on July 27, and no solution has been found to the Aaron Rodgers situation.

The good news for the Pack is that Rodgers didn’t exercise his opt-out clause, which means there is still a chance he will come to camp.

But if the Packers want to guarantee he makes it, these few steps may help.

The Packers could offer to trade Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers throws a football on the 17th hole during round two of the American Century Championship | Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images)

The Packers have a great chance of making the Super Bowl, but only if their MVP quarterback is back in the fold.

They could offer Rodgers a trade to the team of his choice after the season and negotiate his exit from Green Bay next year.

Rodgers could have the team put it in writing, therefore guaranteeing his exit. The Packers would be happy, Rodgers would be happy, and fans would be happy. They’d get Rodgers back for one more Super Bowl run.

Promise to get rid of some Packers front office people

It seems like the biggest obstacle is Rodgers’ relationship with Packers general manager Brian Gutekunst. Rodgers doesn’t like his GM, per Forbes, and the situation may go back to last year when the team drafted backup quarterback Jordan Love.

That selection clearly didn’t please Rodgers, especially when the team didn’t bother to inform him of its plans.

From that point on, neither the team nor Rodgers has seen eye to eye. The remedy to that situation is to fire Gutekunst. That may be a bit harsh, but the organization has to ask who is more important: Rodgers or Gutekunst?

In all likelihood, the Packers won’t take that kind of drastic measure. But if they want Rodgers back, they may have to. 

Appeal to Rodgers’ sense of team and family

Rodgers has always said he doesn’t have a problem with his coaches or his teammates. The Packers need to appeal to his love for them.

They need to sit down with the quarterback and basically tell him a lot of people are banking on him returning this season and that his absence would let down not only his coaches but his teammates and fans as well.

Rodgers doesn’t seem like an unreasonable person and has proved over the years that he has a huge heart and loves the Green Bay community.

In fact, during the offseason, he has been trying to help small business owners who suffered losses during the coronavirus pandemic.

In order to get Rodgers into camp, the Packers need to put their egos aside and humble themselves. They can start by apologizing to him for drafting Love and explaining why they did so without talking to him first. It may also help if they tell Rodgers they will bring in more free agents to help this team get to the Super Bowl. 

Both sides need to sit down and work things out if the Packers want to get back to the Super Bowl next year.

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