What Are Rob Gronkowski’s Plans for His Retirement?

To the casual observer, Rob Gronkowski may have appeared to be a media sideshow who happened to be a superstar tight end. But, it certainly doesn’t diminish what he did on the field. During the nine years that he played, Gronkowski was just as likely to make a headline for saying something funny, or engaging in shenanigans as he was a highlight play.

In many ways, he was a perfect balance of character and superstar. One can only wonder what is next for him.

Rob Gronkowski’s career 

Rob Gronkowski took the league by storm almost immediately. Selected out of Arizona in the second round of the 2010 NFL Draft, he hit the NFL lottery by going to a team like New England in the middle of their legendary stretch. He didn’t disappoint, either. In his nine years, the Patriots went to five Super Bowls and won three of them in the process.

Over his career, Gronkowski accumulated nearly 8,000 receiving yards, scored 79 touchdowns, and became one of the best tight ends in the game. Had injuries not plagued him and taken their toll on his body, he may have survived another few years and maintained his place as one of the NFL’s best. However, Gronk still stepped away as one of the biggest names on one of the biggest teams in NFL history, and his legacy is secure as is. 

So, what’s next for Rob Gronkowski? 

It’s hard to imagine a world in which Rob Gronkowski steps away from football and disappears into the abyss. He’s proven to be a natural entertainer on both television and social media. He already has television on his resume thanks to Nickelodeon’s Crashletes, a show he hosted featuring videos that typically involved someone falling down or getting hurt. 

Gronkowski’s agent, Drew Rosenhaus was surprised by his decision to retire, but he implied that Gronk will try to spread his wings. “Being Gronk,” Rosenhaus said on ESPN’s Get Up, “Eventually we could see him doing TV, acting, a whole number of things. Appearances. Endorsements. He’s one of the biggest personalities. He won’t disappear. 

It should come to no surprise that Gronkowski has always shown an affinity for professional wrestling. He’s even appeared on it, and wrestler Triple H has said that the “door is open” for him to join the family after his career. Now that his NFL career is over, and that door could be entered any time. 

Whether he pivots over to reality television with his family, who all appeared on Mark Wahlberg’s reality TV show Wahlburgers, or takes another avenue, it would appear that Gronk has options.

What about a return to football?

Going off his knack for being an entertainer, perhaps Gronkowski could find a place in NFL broadcasting. What if he wants to get back into football, though? Rosenhaus went on during his interview with ESPN to say that he would not be surprised if his client returned to the football field under the right conditions. 

Former teammate Willie McGinest also sees the retirement being short-lived on NFL Network.

“I don’t think he’s going to initially start off and come back,” said McGinest. “This is just my own assessment. Later on, deep in the season, he could come back.” 

The future is wide open

Whether Rob Gronkowski goes Hollywood, finds himself a television deal, wrestles,  takes advantage of his social media following, or finds himself back in the world of football, it is safe to say that he will remain in the public eye for many years to come. He has the charisma and experience to be an entertainer.

Not to mention, if he stays in shape he is young enough for a comeback. The future will tell us everything we need to know. Knowing Gronk, it will be filled with a few surprises.