What Does Carson Wentz’s AO1 Foundation Do?

Carson Wentz has had an interesting career so far. Although he has struggled with injuries, one of which kept him out of the Philadelphia Eagles 2017 Super Bowl, he has shown to have what it takes to be an All-Star quarterback and a winner. In his fourth season, he is looking to bring the Eagles back to the successful season they had two years ago, but he’s also looking to make a difference off the field with his Carson Wentz AO1 Foundation. It stands “AO1” for “Audience of One”, let’s take a closer look at Wentz and his foundation.

Carson Wentz on the field

Wentz came into the NFL in 2016 and immediately became the Eagles’ starting quarterback. Although he had some struggles in his rookie season, throwing 16 touchdowns against 14 interceptions en-route to a 7-9 season, he showed his promise during 2017. Leading to the Eagles to an 11-2 record, things were looking up for Wentz when tragedy struck and he tore his ACL during a week 13 game, and he’d have to watch the Super Bowl run from the side. 

Wentz made his way back the next year to a 5-6 record, but he showed his promise once again, throwing 21 touchdowns against seven interceptions.

This year, after signing an extension with the Eagles, Wentz is hoping that he can stay healthy and further bolster his legacy. As he does so, however, he has another interest off the field that he’s equally invested in — The Carson Wentz AO1 Foundation.

What is the AO1 foundation? 

A deeply religious man, Carson Wentz’s A01 foundation reflects this, stating on its website that its mission is, “Uplifting individuals and communities around the world by demonstrating God’s love for his people.”

Wentz does this with a collection of individual ministries that work together to help those in need. One of these is through a ministry called Thy Kingdom Crumb. This ministry exists to help people around the world by giving them good food. According to the site, Thy Kingdom Crumb has served over 11,000 meals and counting to date, but Wentz’s outreach does not stop there. 

The Outdoor Ministry targets children who currently have or once had physical disabilities and life-threatening illnesses and encourages them to get outdoors and perform activities. This is done through two separate programs, Mountain Movers and Camp Conquerors. The outdoor events also double as religious camps and have helped over 100 children connect with the outdoors. 

The Haiti Sports Complex is perhaps Wentz’s most widespread charitable effort associated with his AO1 foundation. Haiti is a country in need that is ravaged by poverty and the fallout of the 2010 earthquake that left the country devastated.

It is meant to provide the children of Haiti with the means to develop abilities, learn teamwork and interpersonal skills, and the coping mechanisms that come with stepping out on the field. According to the foundation’s website, this initiative has raised over $990.000 for the children of Haiti. 

Carson Wentz’s off-the-field work

From charity softball events to helping people around the world, it is clear that Carson Wentz wants to help in more than one day. The website shows that it is active not only around the world but in local communities like Philadelphia, with many of its workers doing so on a volunteer basis. Wentz’s outreach does not serve a single purpose, but a wide collection of purposes that are meant to both enlighten and help people of all walks of life. 

In a world where athletes often make headlines for the wrong reasons, Wentz appears to be doing right with his charitable work. While this might not attract the headlines that the negative things do, it is helping people across the world. For that Carson Wentz and the AO1 Foundation should be applauded.