What Happened the Last Time Mike Tyson Made a Comeback?

Over the last few weeks, the chatter around Mike Tyson has centered on a potential comeback to the ring after nearly a 15-year gap from his final professional boxing match. Tyson continues to move toward and embrace the possibility of getting into the squared circle for another time, but this time for charity purposes. It’s a unique situation that he has put himself in, but it isn’t the first time that he will have attempted a comeback as he did that years ago that brought a second life to this once-promising boxing career.

Mike Tyson eyeing potential comeback

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With the world of sports at nearly a complete halt, it has brought more attention to many of the chatter about situations that lie ahead.

One of those continues to see many enamored by the potential scenario of seeing Tyson back in the ring to fight again. In recent weeks, he has remained in the headlines behind viral videos of him training showing off some tremendous power and speed for his age.

Tyson has also fully embraced that chatter by voicing in various interviews that he would entertain the chance to fight again. He has also stated that the training he has helped him feel young again while it has helped positively improve his ego.

It all makes for an incredible situation that could unfold in the coming months to see the former heavyweight champion give it another go. That said, it wouldn’t be the first time that he made a comeback.

What happened in Mike Tyson’s last comeback

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Tyson had a promising start to his boxing career, becoming one of the most thrilling professional athletes of his time. However, that was almost ended after being sent to prison due to his conviction of rape in 1992.

Tyson saw his sentence end three years later, allowing him to return to the ring at age 29. All the attention turned toward him getting another shot at boxing career as the talk around the situation was that he was going to fight George Foreman, Riddick Bowe, or Evander Holyfield. It wound up being against a mostly unknown fighter “Hurricane” Peter McNeely, who held a 36-1 record with 30 knockouts entering the fight.

The fight had plenty of hype and media attention given the sport was getting back one of it’s biggest stars. It was a fight that earned $96 million worldwide and set a then-record $63 million in pay-per-view buys for the bout. The match wound up being a quick bout that started with McNeely charging Tyson but fell after a sharp blow to the chin seconds into the first round.

It didn’t take long after that as Tyson pounded McNeely with his infamous uppercut that knocked McNeely down for a second time in the same round. Shortly after he rose to feet again, his trainers rushed over to end the fight as it clear the Boston native was quite overmatched.

Despite being out of the ring for three-plus years, Tyson still could end fights quickly behind his devastating power.

Should Mike Tyson return for another fight?

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Tyson wouldn’t be returning to the ring in the physical prime as he did in 1995, but the experience with going that route should help him get a better picture if this the right thing to do.

Some are concerned that the many years that he has been away from the sport could wind up putting him a bad spot. There are likely still many hurdles that he must go through first before he can get back into the ring.

Nonetheless, things could play out in the manner of seeing Tyson back in the squared circle.