What Happened to Former MLB All-Star Darryl Strawberry?

A lot of baseball players have had success playing in the MLB. One of those players is Darryl Strawberry. Strawberry spent 17 seasons in the league and won multiple World Series titles with different teams.

At 6-foot-6, Strawberry had a significant presence at the plate and was a tough out for pitchers throughout the league. His skillset was like no other.

Strawberry’s MLB career

The New York Mets saw something special in Strawberry and selected him first overall in the 1980 MLB draft. He made his MLB debut during the 1983 season, and that was a good year for the California native. He was named the NL Rookie of the Year after posting a .257 batting average with 26 home runs and 74 RBIs.

Strawberry quickly became a big name in the majors. Just a year later, Strawberry was named to his first all-star game and would go on to make seven straight all-star appearances. He also won two Silver Slugger Awards playing with the Mets.

After having much success with the Mets, Strawberry found himself out on the West Coast playing for the Los Angeles Dodgers. Strawberry did not have the same success as he did in New York. His numbers went down in his three seasons, playing with the Dodgers. When Strawberry left the Dodgers, he stayed in California and played one season for the San Francisco Giants.

The all-star returned to New York after his stint out west and joined the Yankees. He would end his career playing with the Yankees, and though he didn’t have the individual success he once had with the Mets, he still finished his career on top.

World Series titles with the Yankees and Mets

Earlier in his career, Strawberry was part of some successful Mets’ teams. From 1984 to 1990, the Mets were one of the top teams in the NL. The Mets won the World Series title in 1986. That was Strawberry’s third year in the league, and at that time, he was one of the top young players in the game.

After winning a title with the Mets, Strawberry would again win multiple titles in New York, but this time it was with another team. The Yankees won three titles in four years from 1996 to 1999. Though Strawberry did not have an impact on the Yankees like he did with the Mets, his veteran leadership helped the team a lot, and Strawberry finished his career winning four titles.

Strawberry’s career in a nutshell

Looking at what Strawberry accomplished during his 17-year career, it’s no question that he had success. During his younger years, he was a player playing the best baseball of his life and was a part of an organization that knew how to win games.

As Strawberry got older and spent more time playing in the league, he didn’t have that same power and strength that he once had during those early years. But when it’s all said and done, Strawberry can always say he was part of two teams that won the World Series. A kid from LA quickly became a player that was a valuable asset to a major league team.