What Happened to Former NL MVP Jeff Kent?

One of the top infielders in the game of baseball goes by the name of Jeff Kent. Kent had a lot of success during his time in the MLB. He won numerous postseason awards and played on multiple all-star teams.

He played an essential role in the San Francisco Giants’ teams throughout his playing career. He is one name that people won’t forget in San Francisco.

Jeff Kent’s big league career

Kent started his professional baseball career in 1989 when the Toronto Blue Jays drafted him in the 20th round in the MLB draft. Kent spent four years in the minor leagues, and in 1992 he made his MLB debut. He recorded his first big league hit against the Baltimore Orioles on April 12, 1992. Two days later, he would record his first major league home run against the New York Yankees.

Toward the end of his rookie season, he was traded to the Mets in August. That season he played in a total of 102 games between both teams. He finished with a batting average of .239 with 50 RBIs and 11 home runs. Early on in his career, Kent continued to get better and better the more time and experience he got.

After his time with the Mets, Kent spent one season with the Cleveland Indians and then joined the Giants. When Kent came to San Francisco, that is when he started to play some of the best baseball of his career.

Jeff Kent’s career in San Francisco

During the 1999 season, it was Kent’s third season with the Giants. That season he made his first-ever all-star team. He finished the season batting .290 with 23 home runs and 101 RBIs. Kent would make the all-star team the next two seasons playing for the Giants. During the 2000 season, Kent had the best season of his career. He finished with a .334 batting average, 33 home runs, and 125 RBIs. Kent won the NL MVP for the first time in his career, and he won a Silver Slugger award.

From 1999 to 2001, Kent was one of the best players in the league. The Giants benefitted from making a move to bring Kent over from Cleveland. Not only did he become a fan favorite in San Francisco, but everyone around the league enjoyed watching him play. Kent possessed a high baseball IQ at the plate as a hitter. He also had power and knew when the count was in his favor. On the field, Kent had smooth and quick instincts and made the plays no matter what position he was at.

Looking back at a successful career

After his time in San Francisco, Kent finished his career playing for the Los Angeles Dodgers. He spent four seasons with the Dodgers and made his final all-star team during his first year in LA. Kent finished his career with a .290 batting average with 377 home runs, 1,518 RBIs, and 94 stolen bases.

He played in five all-star games, won four Silver Slugger awards, and won a NL MVP throughout his playing career. Baseball is a game where the odds of you failing are high. But Kent continued to get better and work on his game, and his hard work paid off.