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The Netflix series Last Chance U highlighted football programs at community colleges. Some players were given another chance to try and receive a scholarship to a four-year university. Isaiah Wright was a player featured in the first two seasons.

Wright dealt with some off the field issues while at East Mississippi Community College and when he left, he served time in jail. But he didn’t give up on his football dream.

Isaiah Wright was one of the top players at East Mississippi

Wright was one of the top players on offense during his time at East Mississippi. He was an explosive running back who could make plays in the backfield. His quickness made it difficult for defenders to try and stop him. Not only did he play running back, but he was also a return man and played wide receiver. Wright is a native of Tennessee, and he wanted to play college football at the next level. He knew that if he had a good career at East Mississippi, he could attend a top school.

During the Netflix series, the cameras were on Wright a lot, and he opened up about his childhood. Wright went through a lot growing up, and he had to raise his other siblings pretty much by himself, with the help of his older brother. There were times where Wright would get in arguments with the coaching staff and his teammates and other times where he just wanted to quit.

Wright had the talent to play at a Division I school, but his attitude was something that prevented those schools from recruiting him. During the 2016 season, Wright rushed for 483 yards and seven touchdowns in nine games. Wright did receive a scholarship to play at the University of West Georgia, a Division II school. He left the football program during midterms because his grandmother became ill, and there was nobody to take care of her.

Isaiah Wright got caught up in some trouble that landed him in prison

In September of 2017, Wright was arrested and charged with criminal homicide in the stabbing death of an 18-year-old man. He was one of four people arrested in connection with the murder. Prosecutors alleged all four men knew of a plan to rob the 18-year-old that was murdered. Wright was not present when the killing happened. He ended up spending 11 months in prison before pleading guilty to facilitation of aggravated robbery in exchange for having the criminal homicide charge dropped, according to a copy of the plea agreement.

Wright was released in early August of 2018, and he was sentenced for six years of supervised probation. The former East Mississippi running back went through a lot quickly, but he is now trying to make sure that he’s staying out of trouble.

Isaiah Wright getting back into football

In an article from that was published in April of 2019, it talked about Wright’s return to football after being released from prison. He returned to the football field for the first time in two years. Wright was playing in a pay-to-play football league back in Tennessee. In the article, Wright talked about what he’s been doing since he got released from prison.

“I ain’t doing nothing but just chilling at the house and playing football – staying out of trouble,” Wright said. Wright discovered the Independent American Football League and played for the Alcoa Alloys. As of 2019, he still has one more year of eligibility left, and he’s still looking for that opportunity to finish his college football career. Maybe one day, Wright can get back on the field at a university and do what he does best.