What Is 49ers Star Richard Sherman’s Net Worth?

Richard Sherman was one of the top cornerbacks in the league for much of the 2010s. And, when he was at his most reliable, he got compensated handsomely for his services. Then, he made a comeback with the San Francisco 49ers by betting on himself, with a forgiving contract that seemed to favor the San Fransico front office.

His upfront pay was low, but the deal was layered with incentives. He met all of them, taking home a much bigger payday than his many critics assumed he would. Between his current run, his Super Bowl-winning time in Seattle, and his many endorsement deals, Sherman’s net worth is bolstered by many revenue sources.

Let’s take a look at his career to piece together where this aggressive cornerback’s net worth stands today.

Richard Sherman’s career in Seattle

From 2011-2017, Sherman was one of the most recognizable faces on the Seattle Seahawks. He was the linchpin of the so-called ‘Legion of Boom’, the starting secondary that dominated the NFL from 2011-2013. That final year, Sherman and the Legion were responsible for the best pass defense in the NFL in 2013.

That year culminated in Sherman’s first Super Bowl appearance. It was a blowout, with the Denver Broncos held to just 8 points to Seattle’s 43. On the biggest stage possible, Sherman and the Seahawks defense came up huge.

In the 2014 NFC Championship game, Sherman had his first major brush with controversy. He excitedly trash-talked into sideline reporter Erin Andrews’ mic, setting off a firestorm of criticism and defense, depending on who you asked.

Relevant to this topic, it seems as though this ultimately worked out in Sherman’s favor: his endorsement deals skyrocketed, making an extra $5 million in endorsements as the public attention grew around him.

That extra cash sat on top of Sherman’s original four year, $2.22 million contract, according to Over the Cap. His 2014 four year, $56 million extension was much more in line with the value he offered during those years. However, injuries slowed his incredible ability at corner and at the end of 2017 he was not expected to return.

The wild way proved himself with the 49ers

Cornerback is a notoriously difficult position in terms of longevity. The constant pivots, sudden motions, and the need to go in for big hits add up to major wear. And the mental requirements on top of it all can make it hard for even veteran corners to handle transitioning to another team’s defensive program.

Richard Sherman confronted those issues by simply selling himself. Literally, he represented himself in contract negotiations, eschewing the services of a sports agent altogether. He landed on a three year, $39 million contract with the 49ers. This was widely seen as an irresponsible choice, given how much of it was locked behind difficult milestones.

Sherman, ever a critic of most methods used to measure the future performances of athletes, blew through all of his incentives. This, despite recovering from an Achilles injury that critics assumed would slow him too much. He’s laughing all the way to the bank, albeit in the shadow of a Super Bowl defeat to the Kansas City Chiefs.

Richard Sherman’s current net worth

Most of Sherman’s earnings come directly from playing in the NFL. His unique personality, well-educated background, and preternatural talent at cornerback make him a favorite for endorsement deals, however, and he will likely leverage all of the above during his retirement. Perhaps a future in broadcasting is coming his way?

For now, though, he’s not lacking for cash. According to Celebrity Net Worth, he tracks at an estimated $40 million net worth for now. This includes earnings from endorsement deals with T-Mobile, Nike, Oberto, BODYARMOR, and Beats by Dre. If he keeps blowing pass all of his contract incentives, expect this number to rise even further.