What Is David ‘Big Papi’ Ortiz’s Net Worth?

David “Big Papi” Ortiz hit an astonishing 541 career home runs and earned the Silver Slugger Award seven times. The beloved first baseman was instrumental in helping the Red Sox win the World Series three times. Ortiz achieved fame and fortune during his time in the MLB. He won the hearts of Boston fans while accumulating a huge net wealth at the same time.

Big Papi’s MLB career

Born in the Dominican Republic, the 10-time All-Star player holds the Red Sox franchise record for hitting 54 home runs in a single season. In 2005, Ortiz was recognized by the team as “the greatest clutch hitter in the history of the Boston Red Sox.”

Lovingly referred to as “Big Papi”, Ortiz became a United States citizen in 2008. He began playing for the Seattle Mariners farm team in 1992 and was traded to the Minnesota Twins in 1996. The Boston Red Sox picked him up in 2003, where he remained until his retirement in 2016.

David Ortiz in Boston

Ortiz had an illustrious career with the Boston Red Sox. During his 14 years with the team, he achieved an astonishing 1,530 RBIs and 2,079 hits. He was part of the team that lifted the 86-year curse to win the World Series in 2004, and during the 2013 World Series, Big Papi hit 11-for-16 and scored two home runs. If that wasn’t enough to win the hearts of everyone in Beantown, following the Boston Marathon bombing, Ortiz rallied the city, declaring, “this is our f*cking city.” The Red Sox Nation showered him with love and respect, making Big Papi the perfect candidate for major endorsement deals.

Endorsement deals

As his career took off, Ortiz started earning close to $5 million a year in endorsement deals. He lent his face to MasterCard, Buffalo Wild Wings, JetBlue, and Coca-Cola, to name a few. Ortiz understood the importance of endorsement deals.

Before retiring from pro baseball, he secured three major contracts to ensure the money kept rolling in. Ortiz continued to endorse Dunkin’ Donuts and New Balance. Just last year, he began supporting Fanatics back in Boston. He recently posed nude for a Kingsford Charcoal marketing campaign, proving he still has what it takes to sell a product. 

What is Big Papi’s net worth?

Ortiz played professional baseball from 1992 to 2016, earning close to $160 million in salary compensation. His most lucrative seasons were in 2015 and 2016, when he earned an annual salary of $16 million. His total earnings from MLB combined with endorsement deals give Ortiz an estimated net worth of $55 million.

Life after baseball

Ortiz may have put down the bat, but he hasn’t slowed down. He works as a sportscaster for Fox Sports, is a Red Sox Ambassador, and part of the Red Sox coaching staff. Ortiz opened a night club in the Dominican Republic; he started his own wine label, owns a restaurant called Big Papi’s kitchen, and even starred in a reality TV show.

He and his wife also established the David Ortiz Children’s Fund charitable organization. The nonprofit supports pediatric care in the U.S. and the Dominican Republic. There’s not much this man hasn’t done. The legendary go-getter has a passion for life, baseball, and the city of Boston and isn’t afraid to share it.

Is David Ortiz headed to the Hall of Fame?

Ortiz is being considered as a Baseball Hall of Fame inductee. There has been some controversy surrounding his alleged use of performance-enhancing drugs back in 2003. He wholeheartedly denies the accusation and has the full support of league commissioner, Rob Manfred. Analysts believe it could be as early as 2022 when Big Papi finally gets his well-deserved place among the greats of baseball in the Hall of Fame.