What Is Derrick Henry’s Net Worth?

Five years into the NFL and Derrick Henry is still one of the most exciting young running backs. While he might not be on the same level as superstars like Ezekiel Elliott when it comes to exposure, Henry is a fan favorite. As a result, the highly-marketable player has already built a decent financial foundation going into his prime. 

Derrick Henry’s NFL story

Derrick Henry of the Tennessee Titans participates in warmups
Derrick Henry of the Titans participates in warmups | Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

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Coming out of Alabama, Henry used his status at one of the nation’s premier football schools to make it into the second round of the draft. When the Tennessee Titans chose the running back 45th overall, they knew he had promise, but they didn’t realize just how good Henry would be once he got into a groove. 

Initially, Henry took his talents off the bench. While the Florida native showed good promise there, the Titans allowed him to develop his game without too much pressure before throwing him in the lion’s den. Despite starting just four games over his first two years, Henry had an impressive 10 touchdowns against 1200 rushing yards. 

By 2018, Henry was in the starting lineup for most of the season. He was beginning to show that he was more than promising; he was an up-and-coming star. Henry’s numbers were impressive, with 12 touchdowns and 1,059 yards on the season. And his biggest strength was getting the ball down the field in a hurry. He led the NFL in long rushes. 

The following year, Henry showed he could do it anywhere, rushing for over 1,500 yards and 16 touchdowns as the Titans became one of the league’s Cinderella teams thanks in part to his talent. Now, he’s following that up with another star-making season. Through seven games, the 26-year-old has rushed for nearly 800 yards and eight TDs.

Henry might be on the cusp of greatness, but he’s already made a decent living as he goes into more lucrative seasons. 

Henry’s contract and other financial opportunities

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Starting next season, Henry will begin making the right money to go with his stardom. While he already earned decent money in his first full year, with $5 million in total salary combined with $3 million, the eight-figure contracts reserved for the best will kick in next year, reports Sports Illustrated. The running back will start making $10.5 million a year. 

Being the NFL’s rushing leader almost always means that other companies will want to use your name and likeness to sell their products. After Henry’s entertaining breakout, the running back recently signed a deal with Old Spice. Fans of the brand who have seen their past commercials know that this has the likelihood of getting quite bizarre. 

This is just the latest deal in a portfolio that already includes Nike, Pepsi, Dr. Teal’s Epsom Salts, Nissan, and Champs Sports. Henry is already a rich man, but he might get even richer if he keeps it up. 

What is Derrick Henry’s net worth?

Henry might have many years of lucrative pay ahead of him. Thus far, he is worth about $5 million, details Habit Stack, including all of his deals and assets. While not the draw away from football that other big names might be, he’s playing it smart by sneaking under the radar now with hopes that it eventually pays off.

Whether it does or not is anyone’s guess. However, if Henry keeps up the style of play that fans became accustomed to, he’s likely to have barely scratched the surface when it comes to his potential earnings.