What Is James Harden’s Net Worth?

James Harden has evolved from a role player earlier in his career to one of the single greatest scorers in NBA history. The 30-year-old has achieved some historic things in the past few seasons, and he’s been generously rewarded by both the team and sponsors seeking his endorsements.

As Harden continues to solidify his role as one of the top NBA players, the question is: What is James Harden’s net worth? 

James Harden career overview

Before Harden catapulted to stardom, he started his career rather modestly. Harden played his college basketball for Arizona State. The Oklahoma City Thunder selected him with the third overall pick in the first round of the 2009 NBA Draft. In his first three seasons, he played well but seemed unable to escape the shadow of Oklahoma City’s two bigger stars, Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook. To avoid having to pay yet another massive contract, the Thunder traded him to the Rockets. 

It was in Houston that Harden began to flourish. Harden’s scoring average jumped from 16.8 in his final year in Oklahoma to 25.9 in his first year in Houston. In eight seasons in Houston, he has yet to average below 25 points per game. The last two seasons before this one, he’s managed to average over 30 points per game. During the 2018-2019 season, he managed to score over 30 points in 32 straight games

Here’s what Harden’s been able to achieve during his illustrious NBA career: 

  • 787 games played
  • 24.7 points per game (including 38.5 points per game this season)
  • 5.3 rebounds per game
  • 6.2 assists per game
  • Seven-time All Star selection
  • Two-time scoring champion
  • 2017-2018 NBA Most Valuable Player
  • Six-time All-NBA selection 

While Harden has yet to get the Rockets past the Golden State Warriors in the playoffs – though based on the Warriors’ current struggles, that won’t be a problem this year – he’s reached heights few NBA players ever have. Due to this, the Rockets have rewarded him handsomely for his efforts. 

James Harden’s salary and endorsements

In 2016, Harden signed a max contract with the Rockets. He followed that up in 2017 with a four-year, $171 million extension. He’ll make over $38 million this season alone. The final year of the contract will be 2022-2023, in which he’ll make a whopping $47 million. But his salary isn’t the only source of Harden’s income. 

Harden, as one of the league’s top players, pulls in a boatload from endorsements. He has deals with Foot Locker, Beats, BodyArmor, NBA 2K, and several other major companies. He has a deal with Adidas worth over $200 million. 

Forbes highlighted some of Harden’s financial details, noting two interesting efforts

He partnered with Amazon to share his go-to workout products, which include a heavy dose of his endorsement partners like Adidas and BodyArmor.

Harden is one of the original athletes pitching Art of Sport (AOS), a new body-care brand launched in 2018 by Kobe Bryant.

What is James Harden’s net worth? 

According to the website SportsKeeda, Harden’s net worth is estimated at $145 million. To put that number into context, here are the net worths for several other current and former NBA superstars

  • LeBron James: $480 million
  • Shaquille O’Neal: $400 million
  • Kobe Bryant: $500 million
  • Magic Johnson: $600 million
  • Michael Jordan: $1.9 billion 

Harden may not be on their level financially yet, but if he keeps up his torrid scoring pace, there’s no telling how much he can achieve – and how much he can earn – for the rest of his career.