What Is Kevin Love’s Net Worth?

Kevin Love is easily one of the most underrated NBA players. The five-time All-Star has even won a championship as a member of the Cleveland Cavaliers. That doesn’t stop him from facing constant trade rumors. So what’s Love’s net worth and what are some of his big purchases?

Cleveland Cavaliers fans love him

Love played one season of college ball at UCLA before deferring his remaining three years and entering the NBA Draft. He ended up with the Minnesota Timberwolves, where he became the team leader and continually improved himself. He was named to his first All-Star team and lead the NBA in rebounding, averaging 15.2 per game.

In 2014, Love was traded to the Cleveland Cavaliers. He became one of the major components of the team’s championship run. On a team with stars like LeBron James and Kyrie Irving, Love had to change his game a bit. And it proved difficult. However, since the two superstars departed, the Cavs and Love have struggled, and trade rumors are frequent fodder.

Because Love has such a large contract, he may be staying put in Cleveland a little while longer. Other teams might steer clear of taking over such a big-money player. With the league not allowing fans for the rest of the season, revenue declines because of those diminished ticket sales are wreaking financial havoc on teams throughout the NBA. So for now, it seems Love might be in Cleveland a bit longer.

Kevin Love’s net worth

The Cavaliers' Kevin Love
Kevin Love of the Cleveland Cavaliers | Jason Miller/Getty Images

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When Love signed with the Timberwolves in his rookie year, ClutchPoints reveals he had a $6.6 million deal spanning two years. From there, the Wolves exercised their option to keep him around at an estimated $4.1 million per year.

Being selected to the All-Star Team and garnering the Most Improved Player of the Year award increased his value, and he received a huge extension of $60.8 million over the next four years. He was traded to the Cavs in 2014, and in 2015 after proving to be an integral part of the team, his contract was extended to include $113.2 over the next five years.

Management was looking to keep Love within the Cavs organization, so in 2016 he was offered another extension amounting to $120.4 for another four years. With basketball and various endorsement deals from Nike and State Farm to name a few, Love is estimated to be worth around $50 million as of 2020.

Love spends all that money

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Love lives in Ohio and put a lot of money into making his home a place for wellness and recovery. He has a whole “wellness room” that includes red light therapy panels, a hyperbaric chamber, and an infrared sauna. Love has been dating his model girlfriend Kate Bock since 2015, and although she lives in New York most of the time, they do spend time together in his Cleveland house.

But Love isn’t only spending money on his home. When the league suspended games back in March due to COVID-19, many Rocket Mortgage Arena employees lost their jobs. Love understood how this would impact those workers and donated $100,000 to help those in need. Love’s philanthropic ways didn’t stop there.

As someone who experiences depression, panic attacks, and anxiety, Love also made a $500,000 donation to UCLA’s psychology department to help fund research for mental health disorders, according to CNN.

Wherever Love lands, his financial future is almost certainly set, but it will be his charitable donations and efforts at erasing the stigma surrounding mental health issues that will be his legacy.