What Is Michael Vick’s Net Worth and Did He Ever Recover From His Scandal?

Michael Vick had about as up-and-down of a career as one can have as a professional athlete. Once a beloved prospect out of college, Vick’s unusual approach to the quarterback position made him an instant draw to fans across the world.

Vick was paid a lot of money to play in the NFL, although his dogfighting scandal combined with general mismanagement almost left him bankrupt. Vick has recovered, however, and is still worth a hefty sum years after his retirement. 

Michael Vick’s rise and fall

Vick was supposed to revolutionize the quarterback position when he was drafted out of Virginia Tech in 2001. The first pick of the 2001 NFL Draft, his promise was too much to pass up, and the Falcons traded a lucrative package for the chance to get his talents in Atlanta. Whether or not Vick ever met the promise that came with his unique approach, however, is still up for debate. 

While the quarterback position is traditionally built on the strength of a player’s arm, Vick struggled to adequately throw during his tenure in Atlanta. His speed, however, was unmatched at his position.

Vick’s 2006 season was one of his best to date with Vick rushing for 1,000 yards on top of his 2,474 passing yards. Despite his weaknesses throwing, this speed helped make him a lot of money. 

He made as much as $22.56 million in Atlanta, although his dogfighting scandal coincided with his financial woes, and by the time he got out of the prison sentence that cost him two years of playing.

Despite being near the beginning of a 10-year, $130 million contract, Vick was bankrupt and looking for another chance after his legal woes terminated his contract and sent him to prison

The comeback tour

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After years away from the game, Michael Vick got a second chance in Philadelphia. There, he was playing for lower deals thanks to his tarnished image and time away from the game.

However, despite his absence on the field for two seasons, Vick looked better than he ever did in Atlanta. His speed was never the same as he got older, but his arm was looking better than it ever had.

Vick was a bonafide MVP candidate in 2010 after leading the team to an 8-3 record in games that he started, throwing 62.6-percent for 3,000 yards, 21 touchdowns, and six interceptions. This secured him one last lucrative deal that netted him over $40 million.

After brief stints with the New York Jets and Pittsburgh Steelers, Vick called it a career. Since then, he has been making media rounds and doing charity and awareness work for a variety of causes. 

How much did Michael Vick make? 

Vick made almost $60 million during his first stint in the NFL before doubling that on his comeback tour. Despite the questions about his prowess on the field, Vick was inarguably a draw to the league and got several lucrative endorsements during his introductions to the league.

At the time of his dogfighting scandal, he was right on the cusp of signing a $2 million endorsement deal with Nike that was quickly dropped when things became public. Vick has also worked for several other companies since bursting onto the scene. 

A lot of his money goes to The Vick Foundation, the Michael Vick Foundation, and the Humane Society, whom he has worked with closely since his dogfighting scandal.

Vick’s pocketbook might have taken a beating thanks to his scandal, but he recovered nicely, and while his net worth isn’t going to break any records, it’s showing that he’s still living comfortably. 

According to SportsKeeda, Vick is worth $15 million. While a small portion compared to the highest-paid athletes, Vick’s net worth shows that he was able to recover from one of the biggest downfalls an athlete has ever seen, and it shows that even when times are hard there is still hope that recovery can happen.