What Is Mike Trout’s Salary and Net Worth?

Most baseball fans will tell you that Mike Trout is the best player in Major League Baseball, and it’s hard to argue with that assertion. The biggest knock against him is his lack of playoff appearances, but that is a byproduct of him being on an Angels team that isn’t that good.

Individually, he shines whenever he takes the field. With that in mind, it makes sense that Trout is the highest-paid position player in the sport. Here’s a look at his salary and net worth.

Mike Trout’s contract

The Angels signed Trout to a contract extension last offseason, despite him having a couple more years left on his previous deal. But they wanted to lock him up long-term, and they definitely did that.

The Angels gave him a 12-year contract worth $426.5 million — the biggest total contract value in MLB history, nearly $100 million more than the deal Bryce Harper signed with the Phillies last year.

The contract — which has a full no-trade clause and doesn’t contain any opt-outs — pays Trout an annual average salary of just over $35.5 million. That was the biggest AAV in MLB at the time, and it remains the biggest annual salary among position players, but SP Gerrit Cole got $36 million a year when he signed with the Yankees this offseason.

A truly massive contract

So what did Mike Trout do to earn that massive deal from the Angels? How about winning three American League MVPs, including last year’s, and finishing second four other times?

In his nine seasons, he is a .305 career hitter with 285 home runs and 752 RBI. He’s drawn 803 walks at the plate, and once he gets on base he is always a threat to steal; he has 200 steals to date, a pretty good average of 27 per season.

Trout has a career WAR of 72.5, which is second teammate Albert Pujols among all active players. He also contributes to the team defensively, with a fielding percentage of 99.3%, which is 10th among active outfielders.

As a center fielder, he ranks fourth among active players with a fielding percentage at the position of 99.4%. He has made a total of just 20 years in his nine seasons in the league.

Among other, non-MVP awards Trout has won are seven Silver Slugger awards and the 2012 AL Rookie of the Year. He is an eight-time All-Star, and he has been named the All-Star Game MVP twice.

Mike Trout’s net worth

With a contract like he has, you know Trout has a high net worth, with estimates of up to $60 million. It’ll only go up as his new salary starts to kick in this year, but his net worth could be even higher.

One of the knocks against Trout and MLB is that the league doesn’t market him enough and make him as big of a star as he can be. You don’t see him doing endorsements as often as stars from the other major leagues do. And that is a problem not just for Trout’s level of fame but also for his net worth.

Forbes estimates he makes $3 million from endorsements, which pales in comparison to what top stars in other sports, like Tom Brady or LeBron James, make. If he was marketed better and made more in endorsements, Trout’s net worth would be closer to, if not more than, $100 million but he is leaving millions on the table by not putting himself out there more.

Also hurting him is playing on the West Coast, with lots of games that start at 10 pm Eastern, making it hard for people on the East Coast to watch him play.