What Is Reggie Bush Doing Now?

NFL fans remember what it was like to watch Reggie Bush on the field. The popular running back dazzled audiences with his remarkable skills. Though Bush is no longer playing for the NFL, his fans wonder what he’s been up to. Let’s look at the most memorable moments of Bush’s football career and find out what he has been doing since he retired.

Reggie Bush’s football career

Bush began impressing his audience and spectators from a young age, as USA Today Sports explains. After a remarkable experience on his high school team, Bush made the decision to further his skills at the University of Southern California. His reputation reached new levels during his time at USC.

Over the course of the three seasons, the running back received All-America honors and Pac-10 Player of the Year to name a few. In 2006, Bush announced he would enter the NFL Draft. No one was surprised to see Bush selected as a first-round pick.

Bush’s NFL career officially began in New Orleans with the Saints. In 2011, he briefly played for the Miami Dolphins. Then, Bush found himself in Detroit before moving to San Francisco to play for the 49ers. His final move came in 2016 when he played for Buffalo Bills. Fans are well-aware of the football player’s impressive skill set and lengthy career. 

Reggie Bush’s net worth and personal life

When it comes to dating, Bush has had an interesting history. The pro athlete has dated famous celebrities like Kim Kardashian West and WWE Divas Champion Eve Torres. Since then, however, Bush is officially off the market.

Bush began dating Lilit Avagyan in 2011. His relationship with the pro dancer began swimmingly. In 2014, the couple decided to make their love official and got married. Together, the couple has three children.

Oddly enough, many sources comment on how Bush’s wife resembles his ex-girlfriend Kardashian West. Nonetheless, the couple seems very happy together. Bush has come a long way since his career began. According to Celebrity Net Worth, he’s worth around $35 million.

When did Reggie Bush retire and what has he been doing since? 

Bush made the decision to retire in 2017, which surprised some fans. But as he said, he gave everyone multiple warnings. When it didn’t seem like Bush would be able to find a team he was excited about for the upcoming season he decided enough was enough.

When elaborating on the decision, Bush told USA Today, “I’m done. I said it. It’s not breaking news … I said it all season, I said, ‘Listen, if I don’t play this year, I’m going to retire.’ Because I’m not going to spend a whole year off, come back, 33 years old, trying to get back in the league. Listen, once you get to a certain age as a running back, they just start to slowly weed you out.”

Bush’s sentiments capture how the athlete felt at the moment. However, many fans wonder what Bush has been up to since he retired. At this point, the former running back has returned to the NCAA as a broadcaster.

Though there was a slight scandal surrounding Bush’s involvement with sports marketers during his time playing college football, everyone seems on board with welcoming Bush back.  Keep an eye out to see what else this professional athlete has in store for the future.