What Is Roger Clemens’ Net Worth?

Roger Clemens may be a quintessential face of what MLB fans call the steroid era, but it didn’t affect the money he made in his career. The controversial pitcher is among the best in baseball history. However, questions of steroid abuse will always haunt him and tarnish his legacy.

Love him or hate him, Clemens has made a lot of money and performed at a level few could ever dream of during his 23-year career. What is he worth now?

Roger Clemens’ illustrious career

The New York Mets first drafted Clemens in the 12th round of the 1981 draft. Instead of joining MLB, he opted to return to school and transfer over to the University of Texas at Austin. This turned out to be the right call; two years later, the Boston Red Sox drafted Clemens in the first round. He played there for the next 13 years.

In Boston, Clemons showed the potential to become one of the best pitchers in baseball. By 1986, the same year he won his first of a record seven Cy Young awards, Clemens pitched in a World Series against the Mets.

This ended up being the most postseason success Clemens had with the Red Sox. However, this doesn’t mean he failed to pitch like a star. Clemens posted an average ERA of 3.06 in Boston, winning 192 of 293 starts and honing his craft into that of a superstar. 

Eventually, Clemens left for a two-year stint in Toronto before his first stint with the Yankees. Here, the pitcher struggled to put up dominant seasons as he did before. Regardless, he won the only two World Series he’d ever have in the process.

In the second World Series season, Clemens put up a 20-3 record and regained form. By the time he left New York, the then-40-year-old was still pitching like a star. 

With gas left in the tank, Clemens had some of his best years in Houston, including a 2005 campaign where he pitched a 1.87 ERA before a brief retirement. Clemens came back twice, however; first with the Astros, then with the Yankees before calling it quits for good.

On top of his other accolades, the MLB legend was a two-time Triple Crown winner and 11-time All-Star with 354 wins and a 3.12 ERA. This hasn’t gotten him into the Hall of Fame, however. 

Clemens’ PED allegations

At a 2008 hearing with the U.S. Congress, Clemens vehemently denied both using and lying about using steroids. It is widely believed that he began to use performance-enhancing drugs sometime in the late ’90s to prolong his career.

Despite evidence that included cotton balls and syringes containing both his DNA and traces of steroids, Clemens never admitted to using the drugs. Eventually, his lawyer suggested that the evidence was tampered with.

While Clemens was never found guilty, these allegations of steroid abuse prove to be a sticking point with Hall of Fame voters. He might get in eventually, but the voters show no interest in letting him in yet. 

How much is Clemens worth?

Clemens made a lot of money throughout his MLB career, including a pro-rated $28 million during his final comeback season in New York. His reputation was never quite the same. But his prolonged success made him a very rich man into his forties.

A decade after his career ended, Clemens still isn’t hurting. He is reportedly worth $60 million.

Clemens’ legacy is complicated. From the steroid allegations to off-field issues that only get worse with time, he’s not as beloved as one expects someone to be with his accolades. He comes from an era of baseball where being good was never good enough; you had to be good in the right way.