What Is Two-Time NBA Champion Ray Allen’s Net Worth?

The three-point shot has never been more important than it is in today’s NBA. It should come as no surprise, then, that the league now features some of the greatest shooters of all time. Stephen Curry can nail shots from virtually anywhere on the floor. James Harden perfected the once-inconceivable step-back three. Damian Lillard has proven himself capable of going shot-for-shot with any other guard in the NBA.

Yet any list of the greatest shooters of all time must take a small step back in time to include the now-retired Ray Allen. Over the course of his 18 seasons in the NBA, Allen redefined what it meant to be a sharpshooter. Here we take a look back at his phenomenal career, both individually and in terms of team success, while also investigating Allen’s career earnings and net worth.

Ray Allen’s time in the NBA

The Minnesota Timberwolves drafted Allen with the fifth pick of the 1996 NBA draft. Instantly, however, the Timberwolves traded Allen and journeyman center Andrew Lang to the Milwaukee Bucks for the number four pick, Stephon Marbury. In his six and a half years with the Bucks, the 6’5″ guard established himself as one of the most lethal scorers in the game.

By his fourth season, in 1999-2000, Allen was scoring an impressive 22.1 points per game, while shooting 42.3% from deep. Allen received his first All-Star selection that year. He also lead his team in both regular and post-season scoring. In 2001, Allen helped carry the Bucks to the Eastern Conference finals, where they lost to the Philadelphia 76ers in seven games.

Midway through the following year, the Bucks traded Allen and other pieces to the Seattle SuperSonics, in order to get Gary Payton and Desmond Mason. Allen’s strong play continued during his four and a half year tenure in Seattle, although he missed parts of two seasons while nursing injuries and recovering from ankle surgery.

In June 2007, the SuperSonics traded Allen to the Celtics as part of a multi-player deal. Although Allen was no longer at the peak of his prime, he was a key piece in a formidable Celtics lineup that also included Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, and Rajon Rondo.

After five years in Boston, Allen left Boston to join a Miami Heat team that featured LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, and Chris Bosh. Allen spent two years in Miami before retiring.

Ray Allen’s career accolades

Over the course of his career, Allen accomplished a lot, both individually and at the team level. He won two championships — one in Boston in 2008, and one in Miami in 2013. Allen made 10 All-Star appearances. He also received one All-NBA Second Team selection, and one All-NBA Third Team selection.

Allen’s most impressive achievements have to do with his incredible shooting. Allen had a career three-point percentage just a hair above 40%. In terms of all-time three-point percentage, that mark puts him in 47th place.

Yet when you narrow that down to players who have attempted more than 5,000 three-pointers, Allen stands at number three all time—behind only Stephen Curry and Kyle Korver.

When all was said and done, Allen attempted a whopping 7,429 three-pointers — good for most attempts all time. Even more impressively, Allen made a total of 2,973 of those attempts. That number is also the all-time record, beating out the number two Reggie Miller by over four hundred shots.

Career earnings and net worth

Allen earned a huge amount of money during his 18 seasons in the NBA. By one account, his total salary comes to a staggering $184,356,410. As recently as last July, that total made Allen the 23rd highest-paid player in the history of the NBA.

Unlike many of his peers, Allen showed good financial responsibility, both during his playing days and in retirement. As a result, his net worth was recently valued at $120 million.