What Nationality Is MLB Star Alex Rodriguez?

During his 22 MLB seasons in the MLB, Alex Rodriguez became a living legend. While he’s racked up his fair share of controversy, he will always be remembered as a star. Rodriguez made his MLB debut for the Seattle Mariners at just 18 years old.

What MLB fans didn’t know when Rodriguez stepped up to the plate in the summer of 1994 was that the young kid would become one of the most prolific power hitters in MLB history. And A.Rod is proud of his history, not just in baseball but in his family, too. So what nationality is Rodriguez?

Alex Rodriguez’s MLB highlights

Rodriguez played for three teams during his MLB career. The Seattle Mariners selected him with the first pick in the 1993 draft, details Baseball-Reference. Rodriguez bypassed a full baseball scholarship to the University of Miami to sign with the league. A.Rod stayed with Mariners until 2000. 

For his next move, he signed a then-record $275 million, 10-year deal with the Texas Rangers. However, he would only stay with the team through the 2003 season.  While disappointing at the time, his lack of success with the Rangers actually resulted in the best career move of his life. 

A.Rod began the 2004 season with the Yankees and ended up staying with the franchise until his 2016 retirement. Along with winning a World Series in 2009, Rodriguez had a number of career highlights. 

  • 696 home runs
  • 3,115 hits
  • .295 batting average
  • 2,086 RBI
  • 329 stolen bases
  • .380 on-base percentage
  • .550 slugging percentage
  • Three-time Most Valuable Player
  • Two-time Gold Glove winner
  • One batting title 

Rodriguez’s early years

Rodriguez found great success, becoming one of the highest-paid MLB players of all time. However, life for A.Rod was not always a bed of roses, details Encyclopedia.com. Alexander Emmanuel Rodriguez was born in Washington Heights, New York City, New York, on July 27, 1975, to immigrant parents from the Dominican Republic.

The family stayed in New York City until Alex was around four years old. Alex, his two siblings, and his parents then moved back to the Dominican Republic. The family stayed there for about four years. At the age of eight, his parents once again packed up the family as they moved to Miami, Florida. Rodriguez spent the majority of his formative years in the Sunshine State.

A few years after moving to Florida, Rodriguez’s father Victor left the family. Victor had been a catcher in the Dominican pro baseball league and was working as a shoe salesman when he walked out on the family. This abandonment left A.Rod’s mother the task of providing for three children on her own.

Lourdes Navarro, Rodriguez’s mom, worked two jobs as a secretary and waitress to provide for her family. While he faced difficulties after his dad vanished from his life, better days soon found Rodriguez.

A.Rod celebrates his Latino roots 

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Through his career success, in both baseball and now business, Rodriguez has become a prominent representative of the Latino community. He’s proud of this role, as he has always celebrated his Dominican roots. A.Rod is fluent in Spanish and always looks for ways to serve as a voice for the Latino community in his business efforts. 

A recent business endeavor Rodriguez has considered is becoming an owner of a sports franchise. A.Rod and his partner, Jennifer Lopez, have looked into buying the New York Mets. However, not all fans are keen on the idea. Critics suggest Rodriguez’s controversial history should dismiss him as an owner.

Regardless of what sports commentators or fans think, there’s no stopping him. While Rodriguez spent most of his career with the Yankees, owning the Mets would actually be a dream come true as he idolized the team growing up.