What Patrick Mahomes Wants in His Next Contract With Chiefs

The Kansas City Chiefs are coming off their first Super Bowl win in half a century, which was fueled by the stellar play of star quarterback Patrick Mahomes. It has moved the dialogue towards his upcoming contract situation as he’s heading into the fourth year of his rookie deal without an extension in place. Although there is still time for the team to work out a new contract with the reigning Super Bowl MVP, it hasn’t shifted the talk away from them getting the new deal done well ahead of that time frame. With that in mind, Mahomes has opened up about what he wants to happen with his next contract.

Patrick Mahomes’ contract situation

The Chiefs have reached the pinnacle of success this past season by earning their second-ever Super Bowl win in franchise history.

It has also put into focus Mahomes’ contract situation, which had become a prominent discussion around the franchise last season. That has reached even greater importance with the 24-year-old guiding the team to the Super Bowl in just his third season.

Mahomes will technically be under team control for the foreseeable future with him entering the fourth year of his rookie contract, and the team locked in to pick up the fifth-year option. The Chiefs could also go the route of franchise tagging him if there was no extension in pace by the end of the 2021 season.

The Texas Tech product has continued to express significant interest in remaining with Kansas City throughout his career. Mahomes has taken that a step further with his recent comments regarding his upcoming contract talks with the team.

What Patrick Mahomes is eyeing in his next deal

For the most part, Mahomes has remained mum on what he’s hoping to get in his next deal. The media have spearheaded the bulk of the conversation with the chatter being that he could become the first player to earn a $200 million deal that could see him make $40 million per season.

Mahomes’ agent recently expressed that his client that allows him to continue to compete for Super Bowls. He recently expressed that same sentiment to Terez Paylor of Yahoo Sports, stating that he wants to do his contract the “smart way” that is for the betterment of the team.

“Obviously I want to get a contract, obviously I want to provide for my family for a long time and do everything like that. But I want to make sure I do it the smart way and do it the right way, and so I don’t know exactly which way that is, yet. I know that my people and the Chiefs’ people will talk about it, and will do it at the right time and for the betterment for the team. But I’m excited to be a Kansas City Chief for a very long time, and I know that’s going to be handled the right way because of the people the Kansas City Chiefs have in their organization.”

Mahomes certainly deserves to get a huge payday but is well aware of the impact that massive deal could limit the team’s flexibility in acquiring and maintaining a roster full of high-impact players. It’s something that has happened in several instances over the last several years, preventing them from competing for the Super Bowl due to the lack of overall talent.

The Chiefs have a promising roster in place, which makes keeping that financial flexibility crucial to staying on that path.

What type of deal will Patrick Mahomes ink with Chiefs?

Before both sides truly dive into contract talks, it’s quite clear that there is a keen mutual interest to get a new deal done when the time is appropriate.

Mahomes’ current contract provides the Chiefs will time to handle other player’s deals to keep a Super Bowl-contending team in place. There’s no question that the former league MVP will get paid massively, but the figure could be in a more team-friendly ballpark.

Kansas City is in a unique situation with its star quarterback operating in a manner that is best for the team. How the contract situation unfolds will be quite indicative of what direction the team will head in the years to come.