What Position Does Bronny James Play?

LeBron “Bronny” James Jr. has appeared in the headlines throughout the years. Although he is only 15 years old, the son of the talented LeBron James has received a lot of attention when it comes to basketball. So which position has Bronny picked as he heads toward basketball stardom?

Bronny James’ basketball career so far

Bronny is no stranger to the expectations that come with being “the son of one of the greatest NBA players of all time.” His connection to the game is both genetic and inevitable. Over the years, Bronny has shown the public why he’s so impressive when it comes to basketball.

Bronny grew up watching and playing basketball. At the early age of nine, he already attracted the attention of recruits from colleges across the country. It’s even rumored that Duke and Kentucky put in offers for Bronny while he was still in middle school.

From what fans can tell, the offer from Kentucky is legitimate. However, it’s been noted that Bronny took an unofficial visit to Duke University in July 2018. Since then, the Ohio native made the switch to the West Coast to continue furthering his education and skills.

The recent move to Bronny’s new school, Sierra Canyon School, means he’s been able to play side-by-side with other talents like Zaire Wade, the son of the NBA star Dwayne Wade. Fans are eager to see where the high school seasons will lead.

Bronny’s impressive track record

Experts and coaches who have the privilege of seeing Bronny in action have nothing but positive things to say. In May 2019, reports USA Today, Bronny competed in an Indianapolis matchup hosted by the Nike Elite Youth Basketball League. He played alongside the Strive For Greatness (SFG) club as they took on Emoni Bates and the Bates Fundamentals.

Scouts traveled across the country for this game, and fans know why. One­­­ source commented on Bronny’s “impressive feel for the game.” Basketball analyst Eric Bossi discussed the evident poise Bronny brings to the court with every play. It did not go unnoticed that the young athlete still has some of the most formative years in front of him.

Though Bronny clearly possesses a talent for the game, it’s hard to project where the 15-year-old will end up in a few years. From his physical appearance and stature to his development of skill and technique, no one knows what to expect, but everyone has high expectations.

The recent matchup showcased the potential of the young player. SFG came out on top. And they had James Jr. to thank for 11 of those points that went toward the rightfully-earned win.

What position does Bronny James play?

LeBron 'Bronny' James Jr. of Sierra Canyon High School looks on during a game
Bronny James of Sierra Canyon High School | Joe Robbins/Getty Images

At the moment, Bronny is playing the position of point guard. It seems like the role comes most effortlessly to him. However, there’s endless speculation about whether this will change as the 15-year-old develops.

Bronny’s dad plays the position of forward when it’s game time. But many notice his son’s point guard tendencies. From his impressive assist percentage to his ability to sink three-pointers, Bronny’s role on the court is seemingly adaptable and incredibly profound.

With a father who’s an NBA legend, it only makes sense that Bronny is actively pursuing his identity in basketball. However, despite the obvious connection, LeBron wants him to focus on being a kid while he still has the time.

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