What Shoe Size Does Michael Jordan Wear?

Michael Jeffrey Jordan is a retired NBA player, also referred to by his initials MJ. He is the NBA all-time best player as well as the most marketed player of his generation. He is the one who made basketball famous in the ’80s and ’90s around the world.

In his career, Jordan played a total of 15 seasons and won six championships with the Chicago Bulls. The bulls picked him, and he immediately became a star who was entertaining to watch. Jordan had terrific scoring skills and performed slam dunks that earned him nicknames like “His Airness” and “Air Jordan”. 

What shoe size does Michael Jordan wear?

He is no doubt the best player the NBA has ever witnessed. On the court, he had unparalleled superhuman abilities. Michael Jordan’s shoe size is 13.

Jordan was a superstar who maintained some secrecy in his career. Despite the significant endorsements like Air Jordan and Space Jam, which he starred in, he disappeared into retirement more than once. He came back, however, to hang his shoe size 13 sneakers up for good at the end of the 2002-03 season.

Michael Jordan makes sneakers popular

Jordan has an authentic and unique style, just like his skills on the court. He received a major Nike shoe deal because they expected him to be a bigger star. Michael, however, exceeded their expectations. On one occasion in a preseason game, he wore a version of his sneakers that blended the black and red colors of his team. 

Despite the fines by the NBA, he still wore them. The demand for the sneakers and others in his line skyrocketed. Michael Jordan remains the biggest shoe king in the sport, even after leaving the game 16 years ago.

His legendary sneaker deal with Nike was the foundation of the sneaker branding in basketball. Jordan was instrumental in changing the NBA uniforms as well as the sneaker culture.

The shoes’ legacy

In the year 2018 alone, the Jordan Brand sold almost $2.9 billion, mostly from people who did not watch his last title run. Such is the magnitude of the legend of Michael Jordan. Today the Brand ranges from shoes, to training gear, and clothing. 

The legacy behind the Air Jordan as a shoe brand is that after all the years, three shoes of the Jordan line are still among the 10 most selling shoes in the athletic world. Michael Jordan transcended the game he played and grew into a figure in popular culture. The influence has passed generations, and the brand image stands for excellence and winning. 

The demand for the shoes rose with each year of release, and the dates changed to the weekend to stop kids from skipping school. The frenzy for the Air Jordans became a dangerous affair because robberies took place, and people even killed for the shoes. The shoes became an icon as collectors also sprung worldwide, making the shoes expensive. 

How iconic was Michael Jordan on the court?

In 2013 an old size 13 pair of basketball sneakers went on auction for $104,000. Jordan wore the shoes in the famous flu game between the Utah Jazz and the Bulls.

Jordan played the “flu game” with flu-like symptoms. In this state, Jordan still performed well with 38 points, seven rebounds, a block, three steals, and five assists. The Bulls led by Jordan won 90 points to 88. They won the title in the next meeting. This is just one example of the legacy Jordan left in the NBA.

Bringing together a unique style to a product as well as tailoring it carefully to a personality paid off. The idea and relationship revolutionized sports marketing. Companies can make sponsorships centered on the athletes designing and manufacturing products around them. 

Everybody who watched the legend play knew how special it was. He single-handedly made the Chicago Bulls one of the most popular teams worldwide.