What’s Going to Happen to Derek Carr?

Derek Carr’s future with the Raiders might be in limbo as the team makes the trek south to Las Vegas. Since 2014, Carr has been the face of the Raiders offense, but the team has been unable to get many wins under his arm. Whether this is his fault or not, the team might be ready to move on from their once beloved quarterback. If so, it could make for an interesting offseason

Derek Carr’s career

A second-round pick in 2014, Carr did not have to wait long to get the keys to the Raiders’ offense. He started every game during his rookie season, and while the team only had a 3-13 record, the promise was there. Carr threw for 21 touchdowns and 12 interceptions as a rookie, but his 58-percent completion rate left lots to be desired. Still, the raw talent was there. 

By 2015, Carr was improving in nearly every facet of the game, and while the Raiders were still a mediocre 7-9 in the standings, his promise was even brighter. He improved every aspect of his game, throwing for a 61-percent completion rate en-route to 32 touchdowns and 13 interceptions. The following year, however, a star was born. 

Carr’s third season, in which he gave the team a 12-3 record before an ill-timed injury cut his season short, saw Carr throw for nearly 4,000 yards at a nearly 64-percent rate. He threw 28 touchdowns and only six interceptions, showing that at 25, he might be one of the best young quarterbacks in the league. The following year, however, the team was back in mediocrity, although a five-year, $125 million contract secured Carr’s services for the future. 

The Raiders have struggled to become a winning team again, getting just 11 wins in the two seasons since the extension was signed. Could a change be in place for Carr and the Raiders? 

On the way out? 

The Raiders were a mediocre team for years before Carr was drafted, and while there was the one outlying year, not much has changed. With the team headed to an expensive stadium in a new market, they are going to want to make a splash.

All offseason, there have been murmurings of the team’s interest in Tom Brady, and the team’s recent acquisition of Marcus Mariota may pave way for a quarterback battle if Carr is still around. 

Jon Gruden has often praised Carr for his work out on the field, but the coach is also notorious for his short fuse and willingness to make big moves to try to revamp the team. 

Carr has good individual numbers, and a change a scenery could be a blessing in disguise for him. The Raiders are a notorious trainwreck of a franchise, and while they have hopes of righting that ship, Marc Davis’ history with the franchise doesn’t promise much. While Carr might not be the answer for the Raiders, it doesn’t mean he can’t be elsewhere. 

Where could Derek Carr go? 

With Tom Brady headed to Tampa Bay, one of the more interesting situations for Carr could be in New England, who will be clamoring for a new quarterback to run its system. If Carr could go to a winning franchise like them and continue the success that Brady laid down, it could only be a win for both sides. 

From the Dallas Cowboys, who could lose out on Prescott if things don’t go well, to the Los Angeles Chargers, several teams are looking for new quarterbacks. Carr has played well for the Raiders. Like Andy Dalton or Matthew Stafford, he might be a victim of playing for a franchise who cannot build a winning squad around him, however.

Carr’s future with the Raiders is iffy at best. As such, look for teams who are missing quarterbacks to throw attractive trade packages toward the Raiders with the hopes of revitalizing the star quarterback that many once thought Carr could be.