When Was the Last Time the Pittsburgh Steelers Started Off 7-0?

There’s only one undefeated team left in the NFL, and that’s the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Steelers improved to 7-0 after their recent victory over the Baltimore Ravens. Pittsburgh has caught the attention of many throughout the league after winning their first seven games.

Who saw this coming? The Steelers have been one of the most consistent teams during the season, and they are off to a strong start. It’s been a long time since the Steelers started off 7-0.

The Steelers are having a lot more success this year than the previous season

Last season, through seven games, the Steelers had a 3-4 record. That is certainly not the case this season. During the 2019 season, the Steelers lost their first three games. In their opener against the New England Patriots, they only scored three points. That was not the start the Steelers wanted to have to kick the season off. After losing their first three games during the 2019 season, the Steelers went on a four-game winning streak during the middle of the season. 

The Steelers were looking to bounce back after a rough start to the season. Unfortunately for the Steelers, they ended the season how they started. They finished the season on a three-game losing streak and finished with an 8-8 record on the season. Fast forward to the 2020 season, and the Steelers are one win away from matching their win total during the 2019 season. 

It’s been a complete turnaround for the Steelers. Their last three wins have been against teams with winning records. They dominated against the Cleveland Browns, beating them 38-7, and they won two close games against the Tennessee Titans and the Baltimore Ravens. The Steelers are putting themselves in a good position to make the postseason. If they continue to keep playing the way they are, they can enter the playoffs as the top seed in the AFC.

How long has it been since the Steelers started 7-0?

For those wondering how long it’s been since the Steelers started a season off with a 7-0 record, just know that it’s been a long time. It’s been 42 years to be exact. The last time they started 7-0 was in 1978. So it’s been over four decades since that has happened last. The 2020 Steelers team can say they did something that many teams in the franchise history did not do.

No one on the 2020 Steelers team was born the last time they went 7-0. Let that sink in. Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin was six years old in 1978. A lot of time has passed from 1978 to 2020, but the two teams now have something in common, and that’s winning their first seven games of the regular season. 

The 1978 Steelers team also went on to win the Super Bowl


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Not only did the 1978 team become the first team to start the season 7-0, but they also won their third Super Bowl. The Steelers finished the season with a 14-2 record and finished the season going on an eight-game winning streak, including the playoffs. The team’s two losses came by seven points or less.

That 1978 team coached by Chuck Noll was determined to make a deep run in the postseason, and that’s what they did. They had one of the best seasons in franchise history and capped it off winning the Super Bowl. Now, the 2020 team is looking to add a seventh Super Bowl to the organization.