When Will DeMarcus Cousins Turn Himself in to the Police?

August was a pretty eventful month for DeMarcus Cousins. But not necessarily in a good way. Although he did get married to his longtime girlfriend, he received a pretty bad blow to both his career and personal life. 

A couple of weeks before he tied the knot to his girlfriend, Morgan Lang, the NBA star suffered a career-changing injury. Shortly after that, his ex-girlfriend had secretly recorded someone – who she claims is Cousins – threatening her life when she had refused to let their son attend his wedding. After Cousins had allegedly threatened the mother of his son, she had taken the recording to her local police station in Mobile, Alabama.

Now, the police have issued a warrant for his arrest. DeMarcus Cousins knows that he needs to report to the police station in Alabama to turn himself in. However, he is having a hard time getting to Mobile. Could the delay be because of his recent injury too severe to allow him to fly to Alabama? Here is what we know.

What type of injury did DeMarcus Cousins sustain?

Recently, Cousins was working out in Las Vegas when he had torn his ACL. According to eMedicineHealth, the ACL is a ligament in the knee. It works in unison with three other ligaments to help stabilize the knee. The ligament most commonly gets torn when a person hyperextends and twist their knee at the same time. It’s a pretty common knee injury for people who play sports. 

People who have a torn ACL have a hard time walking, running, and jumping. Surgery to repair the torn ligament is not always required. However, it is usually recommended for anyone who plans on playing sports or living a physically active lifestyle. After having the surgery, patients usually have to go through six to nine months of physical therapy before they can feel 100% better.

ACL surgery and flying

 In mid-August, it was reported that Cousins tore his ACL. It’s unclear exactly when he had his surgery, but The Mercury News had reported on August 30, 2019, that he had recently had a surgery. So we assume that his surgery happened about two to three weeks ago. 

The Washington Post had previously posted an article that talked about the dangers of traveling after surgery. The article had stated that most surgeons recommend their patients not to travel too far away for at least four weeks after a surgery.

The danger of taking a long trip after surgery is that sitting for long periods of time could cause a blood clot. According to the Washington Post, “after surgery, the body’s clotting mechanism goes into overdrive.” The risk of getting a blood clot after surgery also goes up slightly for people who are over 6′ 2″. Cousins is 6′ 11″

While Cousins is reportedly willing to turn himself into the Mobile police, it looks like it could be another week or two before he will be cleared to fly on an airplane.

What will happen to DeMarcus Cousins once he gets to Alabama?

Cousins’ ex-girlfriend, Christy West, had taken a recording to the Mobile police department. She claims that the voice on the recording belongs to Cousins. TMZ had obtained a copy of the recording where you can clearly hear a man telling West that he was going to “put a bullet” in her “f–ing head.” Not long after police listened to the recording, they had charged Cousins with third-degree harassing communications.

According to The Ringer, the charge that Cousins faces is a misdemeanor. Under Alabama law, if Cousins is found guilty, he could face up to a year and jail and may also have a fine of up to $6,000. So, it is possible that once Cousins does finally make it to Alabama, he may have to figure out a way to complete his physical therapy behind bars.