When’s the Last Time the Chiefs Won the Super Bowl?

For the first time in half a century, the Kansas City Chiefs have pushed their way into the grandest stage with a matchup against the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl 54. The Chiefs are one of the most historic franchises in the league that has added another element to this year’s showdown that has plenty on the line that could add another incredible chapter to Kansas City’s long history in the NFL. With that in mind, it brought into question the when was the last time the Chiefs sealed the deal in the Super Bowl.

Chiefs’ history

The Chiefs were created in 1960 as one of the few teams in the American Football League (AFL) in the Western Division. The franchise was part of the 1970 merger between the NFL and AFL that saw them join the AFC West division, where they have been ever since over the last 50 years.

During their entire existence, it has seen them reach the playoffs 22, with 18 of those trips coming while in the NFL. That includes them earning 12 total division titles with 10 of them coming since the merger and five those occurring over the last five seasons.

The Chiefs have had the privilege over the years possesses some of the best talents the league has ever seen. That long list includes several Pro Football Hall of Famers such as Derrick Thomas, Will Shields, Joe Montana, Emmitt Thomas, Marcus Allen, Tony Gonzalez, and Len Dawson.

It goes beyond that for Chiefs as they also have Hall of Famers with longtime owner Lamar Hunt as well as head coaches Hank Stram and Marv Levy. The AFC Championship trophy is named after Hunt, one of the most prestigious honors in the league.

Chiefs’ last Super Bowl win

The Chiefs have put forth memorable seasons along the way with the many incredibly talented players that have made their way through the franchise. However, there hasn’t come much in regards to success in the Super Bowl over their long history.

Kansas City’s last win on that stage came in their only appearance in 1969 in Super Bowl IV, which saw Stram’s team represent the AFL in the final year before the merger to take on the daunting task in the Minnesota Vikings.

The Chiefs had scurried their way out a 16-0 lead, which they never looked back winning the game 23-7 over the Vikings. Their offense did more than enough against Minnesota’s dominant defensive line nicknamed the “Purple People Eaters,” with Dawson completing 12-of-17 passes for 142 yards with a touchdown that earned him Super Bowl MVP.

Flanker (wide receiver) Otis Taylor was his primary target in the passing attack with six catches for 81 receiving yards and a touchdown. It was an impressive win as many doubted the Chiefs as the Vikings were the heavy favorites heading into the game.

Although the Chiefs are reaching just their first Super Bowl in 50 years since that win, it’s a historic moment in franchise history.

Chiefs’ daunting challenge in Super Bowl 54

The Chiefs may have found something special over the last couple of years that has seen them earn two out of their last three AFC title game appearances since their Super Bowl win.

Kansas City has broken through behind reigning league MVP Patrick Mahomes, who has a chance to become the face of the league over the decade. Mahomes has emerged as an incredible talent that could lead the Chiefs to a tremendous amount of success that could see many deep playoff runs ahead.

The Chiefs have a tough challenge ahead in 49ers, who possess arguably the best defense in the league backed by their offense, led by their offense grounded by their running game. It’s a chance for Mahomes to add to his legacy early in his career while adding another major feat in team history.