Where Is Bronny James Now? Fans Want To Know if He’s Alright After Weed Incident

Bronny James might be most famous for his father LeBron, but he’s developed quite a following of his own. His prep basketball career has drawn a ton of interest. As he begins to explore social media, Bronny has gotten more exposure to basketball fans online. Everything he does is carefully dissected and analyzed, for better or worse. In some cases, it draws attention he could probably do without. 

One of Bronny’s recent actions got him significant attention online. It made fans wonder not just about him, but also about LeBron’s reaction. Let’s take a closer look at what happened. 

A brief basketball career so far

Bronny James watches a game from the sideline
Bronny James watches a game from the bench | Anthony Souffle/Star Tribune via Getty Images

James plays high school basketball at Sierra Canyon, a hotbed of high school basketball talent. The school is famous for being a landing spot for the sons of many current and former NBA players.

Stars like Dwyane Wade and Scottie Pippen have also sent their sons to Sierra Canyon. As for Bronny, he’s got quite a bit of talent himself. According to a scouting report from 247 Sports, he reminds some of his father: 

“James, the son of LeBron, has a sturdy build, good size and average length for his size. Athletically, James is impressive and he’s continued to become more athletic over the last year. Where he impresses the most is with his feel for the game, vision and passing. While he’s projecting as an off guard/combo for now, the passing ability makes you wonder if he could eventually slide over to full time point guard with development.” 

Like many NBA players’ families, Bronny and LeBron were separated when multiple NBA teams took to the bubble in July. While LeBron was gone, Bronny took the opportunity to have some fun. 

What did Bronny James do that had fans talking? 

According to Total Pro Sports, a video appeared online that looked like Bronny smoking some kind of “foreign substance.” It’s not clear what it was (though some people online speculated it was marijuana) or even if the video definitively featured Bronny.

But it certainly appeared as if it was him. This caused social media to explode, causing fans to jokingly worry about what Bronny’s punishment was going to be when LeBron emerged from the bubble. In today’s era of social media, there’s no question LeBron saw the post (or a screenshot of the post) in question. It’s just a matter of time before he was able to confront his son about it. 

The Los Angeles Lakers have left the bubble after winning the NBA title. LeBron’s back at home after adding to his Hall of Fame legacy. That left fans to wonder: what happened to Bronny after his Dad returned? 

Where is Bronny James now? 

As people speculated online about what LeBron had in store for Bronny, his social media presence slowed considerably. Eventually, Bronny posted again.

This served as proof of life for some fans who were worried about how LeBron planned to deal with his son’s transgression. It appears as though if he did punish him, keeping him off social media wasn’t part of it. 

Total Pro Sports reported that Bronny emerged on Instagram to comment on a photo posted by a model. So while it’s unclear what LeBron and Bronny had to say to each other about the smoking incident, a few things are clear: he obviously has access to his phone and social media.

There’s been no word from LeBron or his camp on any potential punishment for Bronny, and no one should hold their breath. If LeBron is going to do anything, you can bet he’ll keep it private and out of the press.