Where Is NFL Quarterback Brock Osweiler Now?

To the outside observer, the life of a professional athlete may seem glamorous. They make big money and get a lot of fame and glory. But even a player with a position as high profile as a Super Bowl-winning quarterback can have its trials and tribulations. 

Brock Osweiler never won a Super Bowl, but he played an important role on a team that did. In 2015 he started seven games for a team that eventually won a championship. Where is he now?  

Brock Osweiler’s NFL achievements

The Broncos used a high draft pick — No. 57 in the second round — on Osweiler. At the time, Denver hoped he’d emerge as an heir apparent to recently acquired star quarterback Peyton Manning. Thus far in the NFL, the 28-year-old has put up the following numbers

  • Win-loss record of 15-15
  • 697 completions on 1,165 pass attempts 
  • 7,418 yards passing 
  • 37 touchdowns 
  • 31 interceptions 

Osweiler’s advantage entering the league? He’s 6-foot-7, with a big frame needed to see downfield. He’s played five seasons with Denver, one with Houston, and one with Miami. Osweiler also had a brief stop in Cleveland after a trade, though he didn’t see any regular-season time there.

His rise and fall

Osweiler didn’t play much in his first three seasons. After all, he was behind one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time. The Idaho native didn’t see significant action until Manning’s final, injury-plagued season. In 2015, Osweiler started seven games, holding a winning record of 5-2.

While Manning finished the season, the Broncos’ Super Bowl victory over the Carolina Panthers that year would’ve been next to impossible without Osweiler. The young QB played competently when Manning was hurt, enabling the team to continue its success. Osweiler received a big contract from the Houston Texans that offseason. Things went downhill, unfortunately.

Osweiler was underwhelming in Houston. During the 2016 season, he did lead the Texans to an 8-6 record during his starts, but he threw more interceptions (16) than touchdowns (15). Houston won a weak AFC South Division, but Osweiler’s 56.9 completion percentage and three interceptions to two touchdowns in the playoffs did little to inspire confidence. 

Where is Brock Osweiler now? 

Following Osweiler’s rough year in Houston after signing a four year, $72 million deal, the Texans traded him to Cleveland along with a second-round draft pick. The Browns had so much salary cap space, so they essentially paid the $16 million due to Osweiler to acquire an additional draft pick. Osweiler entered Cleveland’s camp in 2017 but was ultimately cut. 

It was a rather surprising move for the Browns to cut Osweiler when they had already paid his exorbitant salary — a sign of how far the former top prospect had fallen in the league. Now, the Browns have second-year quarterback Baker Mayfield under center.

Osweiler soon found himself in familiar territory as Denver re-signed him. He started four games and lost them all while throwing five touchdowns and five interceptions. In 2018, Osweiler started five games for the Miami Dolphins, going 2-3. As of 2019, he’s a free agent without a team. 

He is young and has the physical gifts to play the position. For whatever reason, he couldn’t put it together to play functionally as a starter. It seems like he could still land a backup job in a league starved for good QBs. Either way, Osweiler’s tale is exemplary of how tough it is to make it in the NFL. He went from Super Bowl champion to out of the league in four years.