Which NBA Player Has the Bestselling Book of All Time?

If you’re an NBA fan, you’ve likely read a book or two written by a player or coach. To understand the athlete’s complicated lives, fans tap into the likes of Magic Johnson and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. After retiring, many NBA players author books that become bestsellers. Some even inspire movies. Let’s find out which NBA player has the best-selling book in sports history.

Sports-focused books are a popular genre

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Many writers and film directors have, in the recent past, begun taking on sportsbooks to create adaptations based on real-life events of the various athletes. A good example is The Blind Side, which stars Sandra Bullock and Quinton Aaron. The 2009 film is based on the book The Blind Side: Evolution of a Game written by Michael Lewis.

The movie’s storyline follows the life of Michael Oher, who had a poor upbringing. He was later adopted by a Caucasian couple Leigh Anne and Sean Tuohy. They helped him overcome his learning disabilities to become one of the highly respected prospects in college football and a first-round pick of the Baltimore Ravens of the NFL.

Books and memoirs make up a notable amount of athletes’ fortunes

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It is no doubt that authoring is a very lucrative business, especially if the author already has some status in society. Many celebrities write cookbooks, memoirs, and sportsbooks, which turn out to be bestsellers. Many athletes have written books that tore the market into pieces with how good they were thus amassing immense fortunes in the process.

While NBA players and coaches usually enjoy a fair share of success with their books, others always seem to top the sales charts. Book Authority compiled a list of the 77 best-selling sports books of all time, and Mamba Mentality tops the list for the highest-grossing book.

The book Showboat, which gives fans a glimpse into the life of Kobe Bryant, came in second while Eleven Rings by coach Phil Jackson came in third. Basketball Junkie, a memoir by Chris Herren, talks about his battle with hard drugs came in fourth place while Back from the Dead by Bill Walton came in fifth on the list.

Kobe Bryant has the bestselling book of all time (among athletes)

Kobe Bryant made a franchise out of the name Black Mamba. It paid off for him with multimillion-dollar endorsements and book deals. His book Mamba Mentality placed first due to the book’s popularity. Ever since his death, CBS Sports reports that the sales of his books have skyrocketed. According to Amazon reviews, people didn’t truly get what they hoped from the book. Many called it a “coffee table book.”

Many readers noted that the book provided a perspective on Bryant’s career and thought process. The readers expressed that it didn’t reference his mental and physical fitness routines. However, most diehard Kobe fans appreciated that it takes more than a single book to tap into the Mamba Mentality.