Which NFL Coach Has the Most Super Bowl Wins?

Winning one Super Bowl is an accomplishment worth celebrating. It means a coach was able to lead a group of athletes through a season filled with adversity and come out on top. To win more than one Super Bowl, however, demonstrates a coach’s superior talent.

Only 13 coaches in history have won more than one championship. But which NFL coach has the most Super Bowl wins of all time?

Several NFL coaches, two Super Bowl wins

Nine two-time champions, including Vince Lombardi, have their names adorned on the Super Bowl trophy. Lombardi won multiple BFL championships. Besides him, these coaches won a pair of rings: Tom Landry, Don Shula, Tom Flores, Bill Parcells, George Seifert, Jimmy Johnson, Mike Shanahan, and Tom Coughlin.

Representing the entire Super Bowl era, some of these leaders won their rings in relatively short succession; others spread them out. Only four coaches, however, have won more than two Super Bowls, according to Sports Illustrated

Bill Walsh, three Super Bowl wins

Head Coach Bill Walsh of the San Francisco 49ers is carried off the field after winning Super Bowl XIX
49ers coach Bill Walsh is carried off the field after winning Super Bowl XIX | Focus on Sport/Getty Images

Bill Walsh won his three Super Bowl rings throughout seven seasons in the ’80s. But his coaching career extends far beyond his nine-year stint with the 49ers. Starting at Cal, then Stanford, Walsh served as an assistant coach for six years before the Raiders gave him his first job in the NFL.

Before the 49ers, Walsh held several assistant coach and head coach jobs both in college and semi-pro leagues. After his nine-year stint in San Francisco — he saw the rise of Joe Montana and Jerry Rice as well as the early days of Steve Young — he coached at Stanford for a second time. Walsh worked with the 49ers in a smaller role until his death in 2007. 

Joe Gibbs, three Super Bowl wins

Joe Gibbs spent nearly two decades perusing the sidelines both in college and the NFL before finally getting his shot as a head coach. What happened next was the most successful stretch of football the Washington Redskins have ever had. Notably, Gibbs won with three different quarterbacks over several years.

He retired in the early ’90s and kickstarted another career as a team owner not in the NFL, but in NASCAR, where his Joe Gibbs Racing team sees a lot of success. Gibbs returned to the Redskins sidelines for four seasons from 2004-08 before calling it quits for good.

Chuck Noll, four Super Bowl wins

Chuck Noll won two championships as an NFL player before working as a defensive coach for the San Diego Chargers and Baltimore Colts. He finally got a call from the Steelers and spent 22 years in Pittsburgh as the team’s head coach.

Noll won all four of his Super Bowl rings during a six-year stretch in the late ’70s. While that was the end of his Super Bowl career, Noll coached 12 more years after winning his last championship in 1979. 

Bill Belichick, six Super Bowl wins 

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Belichick’s place atop the list is well-represented, and his lead could very well grow by the time he retires. With the New England Patriots experiencing one of the most dominant runs in the history of pro sports, Belichick proves he can adjust to the NFL. He’s kept the franchise in contention even when he doesn’t win a ring. 

The only active name on the list, Belichick faces no immediate threats of losing his position. In a league where winning multiple Super Bowls is rare, it’s hard to see his crown going away any time soon. Belichick has never been subtle about his bling. He’s even showed up to a 2017 party with all of his Super Bowl and AFC Championship rings.

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