Which Rookie NFL Quarterbacks Throw the Hardest?

In the history of the NFL, quarterbacks are among the most highly respected and highest-paid players in the league. While baseball pitchers are commonly clocked for their throwing speed, football’s QBs are also clocking some relatively high mph figures in their throwing game.

Impatiently waiting for the start of play in August, many football fans are looking forward to the new players coming on board to join some of their favorite teams following the 2019 NFL Combine and Draft.

Exactly how fast are these rookies able to pass the pigskin? Where they’ll be playing and who is the fastest in the bunch are all highlighted here.

10. Trace McSorley

  • Baltimore Ravens
  • 53 mph

As with any draft selection, many choices are called into question. But the Ravens stand behind their 6th round choice of Trace McSorley.

No one is really questioning whether McSorley is meant to replace last year’s draft selection, Lamar Jackson, as a potential QB. Management claims McSorley brings a number of benefits to the table for Baltimore.

9. Easton Stick

  • Los Angeles Chargers
  • 54 mph

Technically, these next two players should come in at a tie as you’ll see explained later in some of these selections. But in these cases, we’ll simply go in alphabetical order with their surnames.

Speaking of names, the name Easton Stick would have been a great one for a heavy-hitting batter playing MLB somewhere on the Atlantic seaboard. But on the West Coast, the Los Angeles Chargers were already enamored with him before the draft.

8. Drew Lock

  • Denver Broncos
  • 54 mph

When this former University of Missouri member “locked” in a QB slot with the Broncos as the 42nd choice in the 2019 NFL Draft, some thought Drew Lock would have been chosen sooner.

But Tigers fans didn’t have to wait long for Denver to give the rising young star a mile-high slot inside their franchise.

7. Daniel Jones

  • New York Giants
  • 54 mph

The NY Giants were quick to pick up Daniel Jones as their sixth pick in the 2019 draft. He comes complete with some pretty impressive stats from his days playing at Duke. While he may have a fairly ordinary first and last name, some of his numbers make this QB stand out from the pack.

6. Tyree Jackson

  • Buffalo Bills
  • 54 mph

Some are already comparing Tyree Jackson to current Bill’s rookie quarterback Josh Allen. Even though Jackson has yet to officially or more precisely play professionally.

Jackson is able to throw at 54 mph with both his right and left arm giving him the slight advantage over Jones who tosses at 53 mph, with only his left hand.

5. Ryan Finley

  • Cincinnati Bengals
  • 55 mph

Again, technically, Ryan Finley should tie with Garden Minshew at the 55 mph mark. But, since Minshew throws at 53 mph with his non-dominant arm compared to Finley’s 52 mph slower speed, we’re giving the higher spot to Gardner.

4. Gardner Minshew

  • Jacksonville Jaguars
  • 55 mph

Washington State grad Gardner Minshew beat out Jordan Ta’amu in the draft. The Ole Miss alumni didn’t make the cut even though
Ta’amu threw at 56 mph at the combine. However, Ta’amu showed up at the Raiders mini-camp hoping to land a spot playing for Oakland.

3. Nick Fitzgerald

  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  • 57 mph

The Bucs have high hopes for Nick Fitzgerald. Even though his new boss, Bruce Arians, may have him playing on special teams instead of as a third-string quarterback.

2. Clayton Thorson

  • Philadelphia Eagles
  • 58 mph

Playing in a shadow of a pair of painful injuries suffered by current quarterback Carson Wentz in 2017 and 2018, Clayton Thorson will have some pretty big shoes, or in his case arms to fill playing for Philadelphia in the 2019 season.

1. Will Grier

  • Carolina Panthers
  • 59 mph

If Boise State alumni Brett Rypien had been drafted instead of signing a free agency deal with Denver, he would have tied with Will Grier. Because he also threw a 59 mph pass during his practice session.

It’s also important to note that the overall first round QB choice of Kyler Murray drafted by the Arizona Cardinals did not throw at the combine so it’s anyone’s guess where this hot shot would have landed on this list, if at all.