Who and What to Watch at the 2019 X Games

The world of extreme sports will gather in Minneapolis, Minnesota for the 2019 X Games. Skateboarders, rollerbladers, bicyclists, and other extreme athletes will be put to the tests in a series of high stakes competitions featuring high-flying feats of creativity, neck-breaking speed, and spur-of-the-moment decision making from several feet in the air.

It is an international conglomeration of dozens of events, and knowing what events to watch can be overwhelming, but these competitors’ events should prove entertaining for both extreme fans and casual ones alike. 

Colby Raha 

Motocross rider Colby Raha is one of the up and coming names in the sport. He picked up Motocross at an early age, then decided to give it up. Picking up his bike again proved valuable, as now he is one of the biggest names in the sport.

Not only can Raha race with the best of them, but his skills as a freestyle artist across multiple events have left crowds in awe as they wonder how someone can do that with a bike. Look for his name across the motocross events. 

Kevin Hoefler

A four-time winner at the X-Games, street skateboarder Kevin Hoefler is a fan favorite thanks to his creativity on the board, his death-defying stunts, and his ability to shift seamlessly from grinding to rolling on his board.

A favorite in the street events, Hoefler will make his mark across the competitions, and his name should bring a good time throughout.


It is, perhaps, the most iconic event in extreme sports. With one u-shaped arena, skateboarders from Tony Hawk and beyond have made their names flying high in the air, pulling off impossible flips and kicks, before either gracefully landing and achieving the highest scores, or crashing down in front of an international audience. This year’s crop of talent should provide another exciting year, too. 

Despite being well into his 40s, Bucky Lasek has proven to be a perennial favorite but has struggled to achieve the top spot as of late. Mariah Duran, 21, has been making a name for herself for several years, and while still young, she is looking to break into the next level of stardom in the skateboarding world. Finally, coming off of his 2018 gold medal, Jimmy Wilkins will try to repeat, but has many worthy foes in his path. 

Moto X Freestyle

In one of the most dangerous sports at the X Games, Moto X thrills crowds by having its competitors practically defy gravity with their high-flying stunts. It is thrilling, terrifying, and must-watch television. Those who are looking for a place to start cannot go wrong choosing Moto X as a jumping off point. 

Coming off of his victory last year, Tom Pages will be out to prove that he is not going to away easy, while competitors such as Raha will be out for blood. This year promises to be an exciting year for Moto X. 


The X Games is where practically every big name in extreme sports has made their name. Whether it is one of the events that has already been listed, or something that it is brand new to viewers, anything that they watch will be an invigorating experience. Like the Olympics, an All-Star Game, or the final match at Wimbledon, the X Games are for the best of the best. 

Whether a viewer is brand new, or experienced, the X Games offer a wide variety of sports for them to take in. New stories will be made, former champs will be dethroned, and a new generation of young riders, skaters, and bladers will be crowned. Be sure to catch it all on ESPN starting August 1st.