Who Are the Richest WWE Wrestlers of All Time?

The WWE may script its fights, but this doesn’t mean anyone can become a WWE wrestler. It takes a real athletic ability to become a WWE superstar. When wrestlers get to that point in their careers, then they can get paid a lot of money. Here’s a look at five of the richest WWE wrestlers of all time.

5. Kurt Angle: $25 million

According to Sports Zion, Kurt Angle, who’s been wrestling for decades, is the fifth richest WWE wrestler of all time. Currently, he has a net worth of about $25 million, and he’s earned his wealth through decades of dedication and hard work. 

Unlike many other WWE wrestlers, Angle actually wrestled competitively before, and he did it at the Olympics. In fact, in the 1996 Summer Olympics, he even won a gold medal for his wrestling abilities. There’s not a lot of money in competitive wrestling, so Angle transitioned into professional wrestling.

Currently, he’s in the WWE Hall of Fame. That said, he’s retired from wrestling, Recently, as WWE reports, he was contractually released by the organization as part of roster cuts due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

4. Triple H: $40 million

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Vince McMahon and his family runs the WWE, and now, thanks to the marriage between Triple H and McMahon’s daughter, Stephanie McMahon, Triple H also has a hand in running things. That said, before this union, Triple H was an iconic wrestler and champion for many years. 

But, now that he’s married into the McMahon family, Triple H’s net worth will probably rise in the future as his clout in the company grows. However, he still hasn’t retired from wrestling yet, so he’s still earning money from that, too.

3. Steve Austin: $45 million

Stone Cold Steve Austin needs little introduction to WWE fans, and for good reason. He was one of the most famous wrestlers in his heyday, and his feuds, especially with the boss of the company, were some of the most interesting storylines of the time. 

Austin is also a WWE Hall of Famer, though, unlike Triple H, he hasn’t secured a lucrative retirement gig just yet. The one thing he is doing in his retirement, though, is running a podcast that’s called The Steve Austin Show. Although it’s not strictly a wrestling show, the WWE does promote it and WWE wrestlers do go on the show from time to time.

2. John Cena: $55 million

John Cena attends a 2020 event
John Cena attends a 2020 event | Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for Universal Pictures

Arguably the new face of the company, John Cena is not just a decorated wrestler and actor, but he’s also a dedicated philanthropist, too. Cena still wrestles for the WWE from time to time, but he also gets to act in big Hollywood roles, such as in one of the upcoming Fast & Furious movies.

When he’s not doing that though, he’s also famous for his charity, as he loves to volunteer for the Make-A-Wish foundation. If his Hollywood career continues to blow up, then his net worth will only continue to rise. 

1. Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson: $200 million

Unsurprisingly, the richest WWE wrestler right now is The Rock, according to Sports Zion. He had a very successful WWE career and he still makes appearances in some WWE shows from time to time, but right now, Johnson has completely transitioned into being a Hollywood star.

Johnson is also in the Fast & Furious movies, but he’s also in the lead role in many other blockbuster films. For example, his part in the Jumanji movies have helped those movies become really successful. Right now, Johnson’s popularity and wealth is only continuing to grow since, even when he’s not shooting movies, he’s also a big star on social media.