Who Had the Fastest Serve in Women’s Tennis?

In the sport of women’s tennis, having a fast serve can provide the greatest players, like Serena Williams, with a great advantage. A powerful serve allows a player to control the pace of a match.

Over the years serves have gotten consistently faster. According to the University of Sydney’s Rod Cross, oversized racquet heads are most responsible for today’s hyper-fast serves.

Let’s take a look at the top ten fastest serves all-time in women’s tennis. 

Anna-Lena Groenefeld – 125 mph

Anna-Lena Groenefeld’s lightning-fast serve came at the 2009 Indian Wells Masters. Lena-Groenefeld had gone through a rough patch of her career prior to this year. This serve came in the middle of her 2009 comeback

Lucie Hradecka – 125 mph

Lucie Hradecka has been ranked as high as 41st in her career. In doubles, she’s been ranked as high as fourth. It was Wimbledon 2015 when Hradecka smashed this serve. 

Naomi Osaka – 125 mph

Naomi Osaka is best known for winning her first Grand Slam event opposite a Serena Williams outburst at an official. But Osaka also has a ridiculously quick serve. She clocked in at 125 mph during the 2016 US Open, two years before her big win. 

Nadiia Kichenok – 125.5 mph

Despite losing in the first round of the 2014 Australian Open, Nadiia Kichenok had a memorable event. That’s where she recorded this record-setting serve. It would go on to be the fastest serve of the year. 

Caroline Garcia/Julia Georges – 126.1 mph

These two last played each other at the Miami Open. Garcia would win fairly easily. That’s not the only thing linking the players, however. They tied for sixth fastest serve all-time. 

Brenda Schultz-McCarthy – 126.6 mph 

Brenda McCarthy-Schultz would rocket this serve at the 2007 Indian Wells Masters. Sadly, her career would end a few years later. After tennis, she started a charitable foundation based on holistic healing

Serena Williams – 128.3 mph

You may have heard of the person behind this entry on the list before. Along with being the best tennis player of all time, Serena Williams also has the fifth fastest serve of all time. The only surprise is that she didn’t end up higher on the list. 

Ivana Jorovic/Venus Williams – 129 mph

Currently ranked 99th in the world, Jorovic has a powerful serve. At the 2017 Fed Cup, she’d nearly set the world record. She came up a few miles per hour shy of the record at 129. 

Venus Williams certainly doesn’t need additional accolades. She’s accomplished quite enough in her career. But having one of the fastest serves ever doesn’t hurt. 

Sabine Lisicki – 131 mph

Sabine Lisicki has 4 singles titles in her career. At 29 and ranked 284th, her career may have seen better days. But she still holds the second-fastest serve of all time. 

Who has the fastest serve of all time in women’s tennis?

Georgina Garcia Perez has the fastest serve in women’s tennis, clocking in at 136.7 miles per hour in 2018. The serve came in Budapest, Hungary at the 2018 Hungarian Ladies Open. Her nickname is “El Huracan,” and with serves that fast it’s not hard to see why. 

A fast serve doesn’t always guarantee success, however. It’s difficult to maintain a consistently fast serve throughout a match. If that’s a player’s only strong point, it may fade as the match goes on. Pairing a speedy serve with a balanced approach to the game is a better guarantor of long-term success.