Who Has the Longest Undefeated Streak in MMA History?

Conor McGregor is easily the most popular and recognizable UFC fighter, but he’s never been the most dominant one. McGregor experienced an impressive 15-win streak in his career, but this pales in comparison to the MMA fighters who actually have the longest win streaks in history. Here’s a quick look at the six men who have the five longest win streaks of all time.

Khabib Nurmagomedov

The last man to beat McGregor, Khabib Nurmagomedov is probably the most dominant fighter in the UFC today. Throughout his entire MMA career, no one has defeated him, and he’s racked up 27 wins in total, all of them dominant victories. Nurmagomedov is also the only person on this list to still have an active win streak, so his 27 wins may keep growing. 

Fedor Emelianenko

Like Nurmagomedov, Fedor Emelianenko was an extremely dominant Russian fighter. But unlike Nurmagomedov, Emelianenko has never fought in the UFC, much to the dismay of MMA fans. However, this hasn’t stopped him from being regarded as the greatest heavyweight of all time. He racked up 27 wins in a row in the division. 

Emelianenko’s career has taken him around the world, fighting people in Japan, Russia, and America. However, he eventually took his first loss after being submitted by future UFC heavyweight champion Fabricio Werdum. Emelianenko’s career has been rocky ever since, but many MMA fans still fawn over his dominance of the division.

Julio Cesar Neves Jr.

Unlike Emelianenko and Nurmagomedov, Julio Cesar Neves Jr. isn’t considered a dominant fighter. That’s because, in MMA, a lot of fighters just never fight high-quality competition. Their records get stuffed with wins over random people. Neves Jr. is a legit fighter, but he fought the majority of his career in regional organizations against nobodies. 

That’s how he racked up a 30-fight win streak before he was submitted by Jordan Parsons at Bellator 137. Bellator is a legitimate MMA organization, so it’s no surprise Neves Jr. broke his win streak against a legit fighter. Since his loss, he returned to fighting and winning in regional organizations.

Luis Rafael Laurentino

Like Neves Jr., Luis Rafael Laurentino built up his 31-fight winning streak in regional organizations, so his record isn’t as impressive. His winning streak was broken in 2016 when he lost to Fabricio Viegas Sarraff in a regional fight. There’s nothing really remarkable about him, but Laurentino did maintain his winning streak for several years.

Renan Barao

Unlike Neves Jr. and Laurentino, Renan Barao is absolutely legit. After losing his first fight ever, the Brazilian went on an absolute tear and stacked up a 32-fight winning streak. He didn’t just beat up random guys in regional organizations; many of his wins were in the UFC. 

Barao’s most notable wins were against Urijah Faber, a popular UFC fighter for fans, especially those in California. However, Barao’s fortunes turned around after his last fight against Faber. The Brazilian lost seven of his next nine fights. Despite the fall from grace, Barao definitely had one of the best and longest winning streaks of any UFC fighter, ever.

Travis Fulton

Some MMA fans may have heard of Fulton, but many haven’t. Technically was a UFC fighter, he competed in it during the organization’s early days. However, since then, Fulton primarily fights in regional organizations. In fact, he’s had over 318 fights on his professional record, racking up a 40-fight win streak somewhere in there. Fulton will never be a UFC champion, but at least he has the longest win streak in MMA history.