Who Is Jarrett Stidham’s Wife, Kennedy Stidham?

Before the Patriots signed Cam Newton as the starting quarterback, many believed that the young Jarrett Stidham was the heir apparent to the Patriots’ former quarterback. With this attention, Stidham’s personal life entered the spotlight. His wife, Kennedy Stidham, has become a bit of a social media star. However, she’s been by her husband’s side since his college days. Here’s what you need to know.

Who is Kennedy Stidham?

Jarrett and Kennedy met in 2016 while both were students at Baylor University. Jarrett was the college’s standout star quarterback, and Kennedy was the daughter of an executive for the Houston Rockets. The couple dated for three years before Jarrett popped the question to Kennedy, and a new sports power-couple was born. 

Besides her connection to the NBA, Kennedy had her own athletic career on Baylor’s soccer team. However, when she wasn’t out there kicking goals, she was already preparing for a career that may have landed her on the media side of sports. Kennedy was a double-major in journalism and public relations. Growing up in Texas, however, Kennedy’s love of football is in her DNA.

Where did Kennedy grow up?

Kennedy Stidham was born Kennedy Brown in Kingwood, Texas, reports Heavy. She began her soccer career at Kingswood High School. Her father, Tad, was a college basketball player before he went to the business side with the Rockets’ marketing department. He’s been the team’s CEO since 2006. When it comes to competition, Kennedy didn’t have to go far.

Kennedy is the oldest of four sisters. Nicolette is a student at Auburn, while Chloe just started her career at Baylor, too. Addison graduated from Southern Methodist University. With such a large family that has grown up in sports, it comes as no surprise that Kennedy and Jarrett’s paths would not only collide at Baylor but that the two would get struck by cupid’s arrow when they got there. 

The shared status as collegiate athletes made them cross paths on multiple occasions. Still, when they got to know each other, it did not take long for them to realize how far it was bound to go. “We fell for each other really fast,” she says. “I never felt that connection that quickly before — I knew it was different,” Kennedy told Modlux Weddings

First comes love, then comes marriage for Jarrett and Kennedy Stidham


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Jarrett proposed to Kennedy in July of 2018, when both confirmed the news on social media, details 247 Sports. The QB had long hinted to both Kennedy and the press that this was inevitable. Still, by making it official, a new power couple was born in the world of sports. The couple got married in 2019 in a lavish ceremony that included a cake bearing Jarrett’s jersey. 

With Jarrett in the beginning stages of the 2020 NFL season, Kennedy is taking advantage of her own following by building a social media empire of her own. Her Instagram and YouTube channel are filled with videos of the couple’s adventures and Kennedy’s endeavors across many talents, from modeling to soccer. 

When they aren’t spending time together, the couple is highly charitable. They donated 1,000 meals to the Boston YMCA in May, reports NBC Sports, when the pandemic was still in its early stages. Several families were desperate for food. The newlyweds are now experiencing their first year as a married couple as Stidham takes off for a long NFL season. 

Luckily, their love could not be stronger, and with Kennedy building up her growing brand, it’s safe to say that both sides of this coin fit perfectly with one another. Now, it’s only a matter of seeing where the young quarterback’s career will take them in the future.