Who Is Johnny Walker Ready to Fight Against?

Johnny Walker has been making quite the name for himself in the UFC with a recent onslaught of three first-round knockouts which all took place in less than three minutes combined. With this type of output, the 205 lb. light heavyweight is looking at some of the biggest names in the UFC and is in no mood to wait any longer.

Walker wants to be a champion. As such, he is already putting his sights on some of the names he’d like to face. It may take an upset or a little patience, but Walker wants to be the best. 

Johnny Walker’s run

At 17-3 and nine-straight victories, Johnny Walker is clearly a force to be reckoned with. Even scarier for his opponents, all but two of those wins during his streak were in knockouts during the first round. His fight versus Khalil Rountree Jr. was over in less than two minutes, and his last two fights lasted a combined 51 seconds.

Walker’s showman antics may have temporarily hurt him, however, as the fighter injured himself in a post-fight celebration while doing the worm which resulted in a dislocated shoulder. Now, he’s recovered and ready to get back, so who is he looking at?

Jon Jones 

In the light heavyweight division, Johnny Walker would like to face controversial fighter Jon “Bones” Jones. While Jones is the current champion, Walker believes that he has the edge over the popular fighter, stating that he doesn’t think that Jones’ most recent victory featured his best work.

“I think he can do much better than that,” he told MMAFighting.com, “He definitely has to do more against me, otherwise I’ll knock him out in the first round.”

Considering Walker’s recent stretch, this may not be entirely based on his cockiness. Commenting on a tweet by Jones, Walker went on to say what he perceives to be Jones’s fear.

“I think he’s afraid to lose to an unknown guy,” Walker said. 

But Jones isn’t the only fighter Walker has his eyes on, as he still thinks he has a couple more wins before Jones will consider fighting him. 

Francis Ngannou 

It’s true, Johnny Walker would be willing to move up a weight division for the right price, and he has one specific fighter that he’d like to face inside the octagon. Walker acknowledged that Ngannou is a scary opponent to many, and the power of his punches may be enough to keep some fighters away from him. But acording to Walker, the two are quite similar.

“I did the test at the UFC Performance Institute,” he said. “I was coming off a surgery and almost did the same number he did, so I have the same power or even more.” 

This confidence will work to Walker’s advantage if he can put his money where his mouth is and win. However, if he wants to become a champion fighter, sparring with opponents through the press and sparring with them inside the octagon are two entirely different things. 

Can he do it?

With Walker’s ability to knock people out before the echoes of the starting bell have even stopped, it would be foolish not to think that he could one day be a champion. However, the UFC is filled with fighters who think they can be champions, and each division only has one. If he can cash the check he’s written with his mouth, however, his chances should be great.

The UFC can use another big name, and Johnny Walker can be just that if he can get into the Champion’s bracket. He has the skill, the charisma, and the showmanship to draw a crowd, now all he needs is to prove that he has what it takes to be among the best.