Who Is Ryan Tannehill’s Wife Lauren and How Did They Meet?

As Ryan Tannehill rose from being the Titans’ backup quarter to the face of an impressive playoff run, one fan cheered for him louder than anyone else. Since Tannehill’s days at Texas A&M, his wife Lauren Tannehill has been by his side. While his NFL career has been filled with ups and downs, she’s remained supportive.

How did Ryan and Lauren Tannehill meet?

Lauren Ulfer met Ryan during spring break in Panama City, Florida in 2009. The two bonded over their shared Christian beliefs. Lauren has stated many times that this faith has guided them through their relationship.

“Our first conversations were funny and deep and we both shared that we loved the Lord from the beginning,” she once told a blogger, according to the Sun-Sentinel. “I knew he was the one by three months into the relationship.”

According to the Sun-Sentinel, Lauren sends her husband Bible verses and words of encouragement whenever he needs them. It’s a tradition she attributes to her roots. 

Where is Lauren Tannehill from? 

According to those who know her best, Lauren is a Texas girl through and through, and it’s reflected in her interests. In 2019, she made waves when she returned a rental car and accidentally left something in the back seat — an AR-15 assault rifle.

Lauren gets her love of guns from her Texas roots. (The gun was legally owned.) While she is the wife of a successful NFL quarterback, Lauren also has a job of her own. 

What does Lauren do?

Lauren is known for her sweet attitude and humility. She’s amassed a large social media following where she constantly shares messages about her faith and husband as well as their dogs, meals, and latest events. Her eye-catching looks garnered her a job as a model while she was still in school. 

Lauren has been the face of a jewelry company, among other things. She has worked off and on since then.

Where do Ryan and Lauren Tannehill live? 

Since Ryan first joined the NFL, Lauren has accompanied him. The two lived in Miami during Ryan’s entire run as a Miami Dolphin. She was happy to make the move to Tennessee when he became a Titan.

In Nashville, they enjoy the city’s boundless food, music, and entertainment offerings. Followers on Instagram note how happy the two seem to be in their new city. 

Does Lauren have any family besides Ryan? 

Ryan and Lauren have two kids, a 3-year-old son named Steel and a 1-year-old daughter named Stella. Nearly every week of the NFL season, fans have spotted the kids cheering on their dad alongside their mom.

Unfortunately, although Lauren has two young children to keep her busy, she also experienced a recent tragedy. Lauren lost her father in October 2019. 

Is Lauren Ryan’s biggest fan? 

The Tennessee Titans flew under the radar for much of the NFL season. After eliminating the defending champion New England Patriots and the odds-on favorite Baltimore Ravens in consecutive games, however, the Titans caught everyone’s attention.

One of the most notable fans was Lauren, who took to social media to cheer on the team during the entire run. 

The Titans may have fallen to the Kansas City Chiefs in round three of the playoffs, but Ryan has a loving family who supports him. Lauren is happy to experience his quarterback journey with him.