Who Will Conor McGregor Fight Next in 2020?

After Conor McGregor’s dominant 40-second knockout win against Donald Cerrone, the world is his oyster. McGregor fans have no reason to doubt him anymore, and the fighter is once again at the top. So, the obvious question is, who will Conor McGregor fight next in 2020?

Jorge Masvidal

As McGregor told ESPN, he doesn’t really care who he fights next. Jorge Masvidal was one of the many men he listed as possibilities, and it’s certainly a fight many fans want to see. For one thing, McGregor knocked Cerrone out when both men weighed 170 lb. He doesn’t usually fight at that weight class, but Masvidal does.

So, by beating Cerrone in this weight class, many fans saw McGregor as staking his claim in the division. Plus, the men have a history together, as Masvidal has talked a lot of trash to McGregor even before the fight against Cerrone.

Lastly, Masvidal is a big name now after both his record-breaking five-second knockout against Ben Askren and his victory over Nate Diaz for the BMF belt. This simply means a fight against Masvidal will earn McGregor and the UFC a lot of money — and that’s never a bad thing. 

Justin Gaethje 

McGregor also mentioned this name in his ESPN interview. Unlike Masvidal, it’s less likely to happen. Justin Gaethje is certainly an exciting fighter, and he definitely deserves a title shot against Khabib Nurmagomedov. But he’s just not that famous. McGregor has few reasons to fight Gaethje other than to prove himself to hardcore UFC fans who want to see it.

Kamaru Usman

Just like Gaethje, McGregor has even fewer reasons to fight Kamaru Usman. McGregor mentioned Usman as someone he could fight next, and Usman has already trash talked McGregor. But a fight between them is unlikely because Usman is simply too big for McGregor. He’s also a powerful wrestler, like Nurmagomedov, and he’s not very well-known.

Nate Diaz

This is also an unlikely fight, as Diaz is coming off of a loss to Masvidal. However, the two men are still big names, and a trilogy fight to settle the score is always possible. Currently, McGregor has fought Diaz twice, and both men have won once. 

Manny Pacquiao 

As CNN reports, McGregor returning to the ring to fight boxing legend Manny Pacquiao is possible. This would be a great fight for McGregor and Pacquiao’s bank accounts, but many fans aren’t too enthusiastic about it. McGregor got dominated in his pro boxing debut against Floyd Mayweather, so there’s little doubt that Pacquiao would do the same.

Floyd Mayweather 

CNN also says a rematch between Mayweather and McGregor is possible. Indeed, after McGregor’s win against Cerrone, Mayweather took to social media and posted a poster for a rematch.

Additionally, Mayweather was recently spotted talking to and shaking hands with the UFC’s president, Dana White. Of course, their first fight was a huge financial success, so all of these factors mean there’s a decent chance this rematch happens.

Khabib Nurmagomedov

Finally, the elephant in the room, Nurmagomedov. These two men have a lot of beef, and McGregor is clearly gunning for a rematch. In fact, in his ESPN interview, McGregor said he doesn’t care who he fights next, but he wants Nurmagomedov after that.

This rematch would make a lot of sense, but Nurmagomedov has said in the past that he doesn’t think McGregor deserves a rematch. McGregor has proven he’s a new man now in 2020, so anything is possible.

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