Why Aaron Rodgers Replacing Tom Brady on the Buccaneers Makes All the Sense in the World

Who had Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady losing on the same weekend?

Somehow, it happened. For the first time since the 2009 season, neither quarterback will be a part of the conference title games. The Green Bay Packers lost to the San Francisco 49ers at Lambeau Field, and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers lost to the Los Angeles Rams at Raymond James Stadium. Both legendary signal-callers lost on a game-winning field goal.

Furthermore, both players’ futures are up in the air. Reports came out on Sunday morning about Brady contemplating retirement, and Rodgers didn’t commit to returning to Green Bay either after a shocking defeat.

But, if Brady retires, Rodgers to Tampa Bay makes all the sense in the world — too much sense.

The future of Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers are question marks this offseason

Before Sunday’s game, Ian Rapoport of NFL Network mentioned that Brady’s future is murky for the first time in his legendary career.

Before that, Rodgers refused to comment on whether or not he would be back in Green Bay in 2022. After a drama-filled offseason, he decided to run it back at least one more year with the Packers, but falling short of a Super Bowl might be the final straw for his time in Wisconsin.

Brady is 44 years old, and while he mentioned he wanted to play until he is 50, he took a lot of hits on his body this season. Furthermore, the Buccaneers have a ton of free agents this season, and the roster could look much different than it did on Sunday against the Rams.

As for Rodgers, nobody knows what he wants to do — he might not even know — but he still played at an MVP level and turned 38 in December, so another year or two isn’t out of the picture.

Imagine this: Brady retires, and Rodgers departs Green Bay to head to Tampa Bay.

Aaron Rodgers would make perfect sense for the Buccaneers if Tom Brady decides to call it a career

Now, this is purely hypothetical, especially since nobody has any idea what either of these legends will do. However, this would make sense for Tampa Bay and Rodgers.

Of the two, Brady is the most likely to retire, especially with seven Super Bowls next to his name and a lengthy list of Hall of Fame accomplishments.

As for Rodgers, it looks more and more like his time in Green Bay is over. He spent all offseason debating whether to run it back one more year and when he did, the Packers fell short of the NFC title game after another questionable Matt LaFleur coaching job.

So, why do the Buccaneers make sense?

Bruce Arians isn’t going to sit around at the tail end of his coaching career and mentor a rookie quarterback. Chris Godwin, Rob Gronkowski, Ndamukong Suh, and other key free agents won’t want to return with a bridge quarterback.

The Buccaneers went all-in to bring Brady to town, and they spent a ton of money to shape the roster around him to keep the championship window open for a few seasons. If Brady hangs it up and prepares for Canton, Rodgers could come in and immediately keep the Buccaneers Super Bowl window wide open.

Remember, what does Rodgers want more than anything? Another Lombardi Trophy to add to his mantle. He wants one more shot at glory, one more chance to pop the champagne and parade down the streets. He can get that in Tampa Bay, and Godwin and the crew would be far more likely to return — potentially on a discount.

Also, Rodgers’ postgame comments show that he doesn’t want any part of a rebuild, and why would he? He has fallen short of the Super Bowl time and time again despite playing at a high level, and the Buccaneers roster would do wonders with Rodgers throwing passes.

Green Bay is also way over the cap heading into the 2022 offseason, so a full-blown rebuild might be in the works.

The Buccaneers would be Super Bowl favorites if they add the Packers QB

Packers QB Aaron Rodgers and Buccaneers QB Tom Brady.
Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers | Kevin C. Cox/ Quinn Harris/Getty Images

Can you even imagine the Buccaneers going from Brady to Rodgers? It would break the NFL, and the dominance of Tampa Bay would continue for at least another season or two.

Sure, Brady could return, especially after a disappointing ending against the Rams. But, replacing him with Rodgers wouldn’t hurt the team very much.

Rodgers has lacked depth in the pass-catching department for years, yet the Packers have failed to draft a quality wide receiver. Besides Davante Adams, nobody else has stepped up for quite some time.

If Rodgers goes to Tampa Bay, the initial pass-catchers would be Mike Evans, Tyler Johnson, and Scotty Miller. That is already a better overall group than he had in Green Bay — which was basically just Adams.

Godwin is a free agent and could return, especially with the torn ACL potentially preventing teams from throwing a ton of money at him. Gronkowski could play another season or two and is coming off a highly productive season, and OJ Howard is another free agent.

However, Rodgers heading to Florida would instantly make the Buccaneers a top option for free agents, specifically veterans who want to win a Super Bowl, and wide receivers would be lining up to beg for a contract.

Tom Brady retiring and Aaron Rodgers joining the Buccaneers might break the internet if it happens. While this all seems like a fiction movie, there is a path to this becoming reality.

Stats Courtesy of Pro Football Reference

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