Why Adam Silver Believes Renaming All-Star MVP Award ‘Best Way’ To Honor Kobe Bryant

Throughout his illustrious NBA career, former Los Angeles Lakers great Kobe Bryant further his legacy with his participation in the All-Star Game. Bryant‘s 18 selections to the even trails only Kareem-Abdul Jabbar for the all-time mark. That saw him make many numerous memories over the year, which elevated the prestige of the league to yet another level. With his tragic passing being just a few weeks ago, the NBA decided to move forward with a deserving honor for Bryant that will forever engrain him with the All-Star Game moving forward.

Kobe Bryant’s Impact in the All-Star Game

Bryant’s performance in the All-Star Game over the years highlighted his rise to stardom in the NBA. He had many memorable moments along the way that added to the prestige of his career.

That saw him have a showdown with Michael Jordan in his first-ever go-around in the event to winning Co-MVP honors with Shaquille O’Neal to becoming the all-time leading scorer. Bryant made countless memories in his 18 selections to the All-Star Game that has seen him still hold numerous records to this day.

During his heyday, Bryant was the most popular player in the league, often receiving the highest tally of votes from fans, which his presence alone took the game to another level. All of that made it a simple choice for commissioner Adam Silver and the NBA to honor him in one unique way that proves to be quite fitting for the soon-to-be first-ballot Hall of Famer.

How the NBA will honor Kobe Bryant for the All-Star Game

Since Bryant’s tragic passing last month, the NBA has remained at the forefront of honoring him in any meaningful way possible.

That has continued as Silver announced on Saturday that the NBA changed the All-Star MVP award to include his name, according to Tim Bontemps of ESPN.

“We were thinking about what the best way is, one of the ways to honor Kobe,” Silver said at the United Center before the league’s Saturday night festivities got underway. “It happened to be that his loss came shortly before we were moving into All-Star festivities. I think one of the things that stands out with Kobe, of course in addition to his five championships, is that he has [made 18 All-Star teams] and tied for the record of four MVPs.

“To all of us, it seemed like the appropriate way to bring honor to him.”

Bryant’s impact on the game was tremendous, and that was taken a step further in the All-Star Game. He has held numerous records while he’s currently tied with Hall of Famer Bob Pettit for the all-time record with four such honors.

It’s a fitting move by the NBA to forever link one of the game’s all-time greats to one aspect of the league. It adds to Bryant’s influence and legacy that has had an everlasting impact on his peers and the many generations to come after him.

Kobe Bryant’s everlasting legacy

The fact that the NBA has moved quickly to honor Bryant in this fashion demonstrates further the type of impact he had on the game of basketball.

He was not only an all-time great, but his influence on others was felt throughout the globe behind play and mentality on the court. It’s something that inspires many to further hone in on their craft be it in basketball or a different career field entirely.

Silver has voiced that the NBA will honor Bryant in many other ways down the line, but it’s clear that the league wants to keep him forever intertwined with the game for generations to come.