Why Andre Iguodala’s Situation With the Memphis Grizzlies Is so Complicated

Since the Golden State Warriors decided to move veteran forward Andre Iguodala to the Memphis Grizzlies over the offseason, there hasn’t been any movement on that front. It has been quite silent with Iguodala appearing stuck in a situation that doesn’t seem to have any imminent end. However, there is some clarity as to where things stand and why they are the way are for former NBA Finals MVP. Here’s some insight into the entire matter around Iguodala.

How Andre Iguodala ended up in Memphis

In the months leading into the offseason, there was much speculation that the Warriors would have to shake things up to keep their roster together, given their salary cap situation. They had seemingly come to terms with the expectation that Kevin Durant would leave in free agency, which meant the team would need to make moves to stay competitive.

That saw the franchise make the sign-and-trade deal to land All-Star point guard D’Angelo Russell from the Brooklyn Nets. It put the franchise in the position of having to move off one of their core pieces, which made Iguodala’s $17.1 million salary for next season the breaking point.

He was moved to the Grizzlies along with a 2024 protected first-round pick and $2 million for guard Julian Washburn. Memphis could take on Iguodala’s massive salary, which has essentially become an expiring contract on their roster.

That set in place talks around Iguodala’s long-term future with Memphis as he has no desire to play for the franchise. The belief was that he would eventually get bought out, but things haven’t progressed in that manner by any means.

The Grizzlies are holding firm to trade stance

Once the Grizzlies acquired Iguodala, there was a common sentiment around the league that the team would work towards a buyout if the trade market wasn’t feasible.

However, Memphis hasn’t moved away from their desire to get assets in a trade for the 35-year-old due to the high asking price that has deterred several teams away. According to Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN, the Grizzlies have voiced to teams like the Los Angeles Lakers, Houston Rockets, and L.A. Clippers that the only way Iguodala will be available is through a trade.

The Grizzlies have the upper hand in this situation, with each of these NBA title hopefuls holding some significant interest in landing Iguodala. They have no desire to part ways with any of their core pieces or additional assets to abide by Memphis’ trade demands.

All of that has put things at a standstill with no foreseeable future where the Grizzlies budge. However, there remain some potential landing spots for Iguodala.

Potential landing spot for Andre Iguodala

Things may be bare at the moment for Iguodala, but there are several teams that are keeping an eye on the situation.

The Lakers are the obvious frontrunner choice as the team has been quite clear with its desire to land him. There is the need for another playmaker off the bench that brings a defensive presence, while the team has the obvious connection with general manager Rob Pelinka being his former agent.

Meanwhile, the Clippers have also been heavily linked to the veteran forward that would give them another piece to the puzzle to add their already deep team. L.A. could become an even greater defensive juggernaut with Iguodala being able to have three lockdown defenders that could present major problems for any team.

Lastly, the Rockets are looking to stay in the mix for possible title contention, and adding him to the mix would be a significant boost. The team has had struggles defensively while dealing with some notable injuries. All of that has given them more of a reason to pursue Iguodala.

Ultimately, until the Grizzlies ease their grip on trade demands, it could go a long way towards finding a resolution to the entire matter.