Why Antonio Brown Will Not Join Tom Brady With Buccaneers

Throughout the last few weeks, there has been steady talk around Tom Brady that he has some keen interest in playing with wide receiver Antonio Brown in his next landing spot. Brady has reportedly decided to join the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, which has brought forward chatter that two could pair up yet again, but this time in Tampa Bay. However, here’s why that possibility looks to be quite unlikely to transpire.

Tom Brady and Antonio Brown’s strong connection

When the New England Patriots signed Brown last season, Brady was a huge proponent toward bringing the star wideout aboard.

was a huge proponent toward bringing the star wideout aboard.

The immediate saw their bond build in New England with the firm hope that the troubled wide receiver could finally latch onto a new home in the NFL. Although that abruptly ended after less than two weeks, it was evident that Brady had developed a strong chemistry with Brown in his short time with him.

There were also reports that Brady was upset by the Patriots’ move to part ways with the Pro Bowler. That chatter made its way into the offseason with the talk being that the six-time Super Bowl champion wants to play with Brown again in his next career venture.

That shifted the scenario over to the Buccaneers with Brady choosing to sign with the franchise this week. However, that possibility looks to have quickly lost any legs toward it transpiring.

Bruce Arians not in favor of signing Antonio Brown

With Brady electing to sign with the Buccaneers, the chatter around Brown potentially joining him ramped up yet again.

The connection is certainly there with head coach Bruce Arians working previously with Brown with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Those links may be there, but Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network is reporting that Arians isn’t in favor of that scenario playing out.

“There was definitely was a sense that Tom Brady would want to bring in Antonio Brown with him. It really wasn’t a secret that Brady and AB have remained close. My understanding is that this is something that Bruce Arians is in favor of. He’s had Antonio Brown before in Pittsburgh. It does not sound like it went well. It does not seem like it’s the direction that the Bucs would be going.”

Arians may have some insight on how to deal with Brown, but it doesn’t appear to be something that he wants to go through yet again. The star wideout has plenty of legal issues around him, and his unpredictability also plays another crucial factor in the situation.

There is likely much more than Arians know behind the scenes about the daily dealings with the All-Pro wideout that make it harder to bring him in. Brown may be a highly-talented player, but it’s an entire package that comes with much baggage that could outweigh his production on the field.

Will Antonio Brown get another shot in the NFL?

That crosses off another potential landing spot off the list for Brown as he works his way back into the league.

Before any of that can genuinely garner any legitimacy, he must first get his legal issues in order. Brown has some serious charges against him that could land him potentially with jail time if things don’t work out in his favor. Beyond that, there is a strong possibility that the NFL will levy a suspension on him for his off-the-field problems.

Brown has the talent that belongs in the league as a primary component to any team’s passing game, but there are still plenty of hurdles he must get past first before he can return.