Why Cam Newton Chose to Wear No.1

Cam Newton has put forth a unique NFL career that spans over nearly a decade. Newton experienced much success that has put him in a special spot in league history. Throughout his professional career, he has donned No.1, which he has a simple reason for the choice.

Cam Newton’s NFL career

Since entering the NFL as the first overall pick in the 2011 draft, Cam Newton has experienced a unique path.

Newton has carved out his own space in league history behind his skill set and physical ability as a dual-threat quarterback. He has set numerous NFL records as he holds the mark for most rushing touchdowns for a quarterback (67) and most combined yards in a player’s five seasons (21,560).

He is also the first quarterback with at least 500 rushing yards, five rushing touchdowns, and 4.8 yards per carry in five straight campaigns. Newton is the first player with at least 4,000 passing yards and 10 rushing touchdowns in a season. He has also earned a regular-season MVP award, three Pro Bowl selections, Offensive Player of the Years honors, and guided the Carolina Panthers to a Super Bowl appearance.

What has also stood out for Newton is his number selection, which has a simple reason for that choice.

Why Cam Newton wears No. 1

Throughout his career, Cam Newton has stuck with No. 1 as his jersey choice that has moved through his Patriots tenure.

Newton has drawn a strong connection to the number that has been a substantial part of his image. Entering the NFL, he hoped to wear No.2 with the Panthers as he did at Auburn, but that move was negated due to then-quarterback Jimmy Clausen wanting to keep the number.

Newton’s reaction to the situation saw him brush it off as he voiced to the NFL Network that it didn’t bother him much. (H/T AL.com)

“I really don’t care. It’s just a number to me” during an appearance on the NFL Network.

Newton may not have had strong feelings toward the number selection, but it has helped define him. He has fully embraced enough to don it with the Patriots. Newton didn’t choose to bother Brian Hoyer about No.2 upon joining New England.

He is the first non-kicker in team history to wear No.1, and fourth player overall since barefoot kicker Tony Franklin in 1987. Newton has the opportunity to carve out his legacy with the Patriots in this next chapter of his career.

NFL future ahead remains in his hands


The Real Reason Why Bill Belichick Won’t Move on From Cam Newton

Cam Newton has embarked on the next portion of his NFL career will impact how the rest of his playing days will unfold.

Newton initially began with a promising start but has since struggled to find stable footing with his performance. His shortcomings have contributed significantly to the Patriots’ woes as the team is outside the playoff picture.

The 31-year-old has struggled to be a substantial factor with his arm that has diminished his running game effectiveness. Through nine games played in the 2020 season, Newton compiled 1,900 passing yards with four touchdown passes to seven interceptions with an 84.4 passer rating. He has also recorded 341 rushing yards with nine touchdowns.

His production has varied throughout the year as he has failed to reach 200 passing yards six times, including below 100 passing yards twice. However, he has held a passer rating above 90 five times.

Much of his future in New England will depend on his play through the rest of the season. He will have the opportunity to hit free agency next offseason, but how things unfold will greatly impact his Patriots’ fate.