Why Dak Prescott Probably Won’t Listen to Emmitt Smith’s Money Advice

Throughout the last several months, one of the primary focuses around the Dallas Cowboys has been on quarterback Dak Prescott‘s long-term future with the franchise. With both sides unable to come to an agreement on an extension before or during the 2019 campaign, Prescott look poised to hit the free-agent market this offseason. Many have weighed in on the situation, which now includes Hall of Famer Emmitt Smith giving his opinion on what the Pro Bowler should do to help eradicate the matter with the Cowboys.

Dak Prescott’s contract situation with Cowboys

Beyond the Cowboys falling short of the playoffs this past season, the franchise has dealt with lingering conversations regarding Prescott’s contract.

Since entering the league, he has brought much-needed stability under center for the franchise. That has seen two playoff appearances behind a pair of NFC East division titles while finishing with a .500 or better record.

Prescott has become one of the better young quarterbacks, which has continued to keep the Cowboys in the conversation for the playoffs annually. The question has now become how much the team is willing to commit to him yearly with his salary.

The 26-year-old rookie deal has come to a close without any extension as the two sides have remained far apart in contract negotiations. That has created much outside chatter about how things could be ironed out between both parties. That has led to various figures around the league giving their opinion with another cowboy legend being the latest to voice his advice for Prescott.

Emmitt Smith’s advice for Dak Prescott

The Cowboys have entered a challenging situation of figuring how to work out a new deal with their star quarterback.

It’s a conversation that Prescott is holding a hard bargain with standing firm what he wants to make on his next deal with the franchise. However, Hall of Famer Emmitt Smith believes that the Pro Bowl must bite the bullet a bit and take a slight drop in pay from what he’s looking for to help field a better team around him.

“Dak has to understand and maybe take another perspective,” Smith told Lefkoe. “The perspective may not be all the money that you get. It may be how much money are you willing to leave on the table because the Cowboys [are] a marketable organization?”

If you are the face of the franchise, Instead of taking 35, would you take 28? Leave some for Amari and pick up the rest in endorsements.

These comments are quite interesting as Smith has the vantage point of the team as they do have other marquee free agents such as Amari Cooper and Byron Jones that could hit the open market. The Cowboys have some key players that could wind up leaving the team if the right deal isn’t on the table.

That said, there is some hypocritical stance with what Smith has to voice about the entire matter.

Why Dak Prescott won’t listen to Emmitt Smith

There is much credence to what Smith comments from a team aspect, but him being the messenger of that viewpoint is a bit puzzling.

Early in his career with the Cowboys, he had held out before the 1993 season that bled into that campaign with him missing the first two games. Smith was holding firm with becoming the league’s highest-paid running back, which Dallas wound up folding and giving him a lucrative deal.

Although Smith was the superior player at his respective position than Prescott, the mindset was the same as the two both believed they had proven enough that they earn that honor. Given all that, it makes his entire stance quite a headscratcher as to why he would pull in the opposite direction.

Ultimately, Prescott is going to do what he believes is best for him and his NFL career moving forward.