Why Did Dennis Rodman Really Wear a Wedding Dress?

Fans remember most pro athletes for their most exciting plays. Dennis Rodman is an exception. Although he was an outstanding NBA player, many people forget he was an incredible rebounder. Instead of basketball, when most people hear the name Rodman, they think about the outrageous things he’s done over the years, including wearing a wedding dress.

Dennis Rodman’s wedding dress

When Rodman began promoting his autobiography, Bad as I Wanna Be, he told fans to prepare for a memorable wedding. He boasted about how he was on the brink of marrying a beautiful woman. No one expected the event to be traditional. So they weren’t surprised when, during a book-signing, a stunning horse-drawn carriage approached the bookstore.

Fans caught a glimpse of a white gown so they assumed the carriage bore Rodman’s fiancee. Everyone was stunned when the carriage got close enough for them to see that, instead of a female bride, Rodman was in the carriage, dressed in a traditional wedding dress. He announced he’d decided to marry himself.

At the time this was considered one of Rodman’s more outrageous stunts. The event was so heavily discussed that his action figures dressed as brides were sold to the public. He was also featured in an issue of Bride Magazine as Business Wire reports.

Rodman has always been a rebel

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From the moment his NBA skills began generating public interest, people realized this talented rebounder would break the mold. Rodman sported visible tattoos before they become cool. He also constantly changed his hair color and sported a face full of piercings — unusual for a pro athlete.

When you look at his past, it’s easy to see how Rodman became such a non-conformist. His childhood was anything but easy as the Sun reports. He’s one of several siblings; tattoos, talent, and outrageous behavior were among the tools he used to stand out and get much-needed attention. 

Rodman’s near attempted suicide suggests that he’s struggled with depression and mental health issues throughout his life. The strange clothes and other types of behavior could be his way of coping.

Is Rodman an inspiration?

When most people think about NBA players who inspire, they tend to think of Michael Jordan, Tim Duncan, and Steph Curry. They don’t usually think about Dennis Rodman, but this doesn’t mean he hasn’t inspired and possibly even saved several people.

He’s bragged about being BFFs with a dictator and sleeping with lots of women. But Rodman did prove it’s possible to have a rotten childhood and yet still be successful and happy. He effectively proved it’s OK to be different and still have friends, fans, and admirers.

Rodman has been as candid about his mistakes as he’s been about his successes. He taught people how to take the things that make them different and turn it into a successful brand image

Even today, though he’s not quite as big a public figure or as outrageous as he once was, Rodman continues to prove that it’s possible to be fulfilled and successful simply by being yourself.