Why Doesn’t Dak Prescott Get More Respect From NFL Fans?

The top priority for the Dallas Cowboys heading into this offseason surrounds the current contract situation involving Pro Bowl quarterback Dak Prescott. However, the talks haven’t progressed between both sides due to hesitance concerning committing that type of money to him. At the same time, there has been the notion that Prescott may not be worth that potentially record-breaking deal from the Cowboys as he’s isn’t viewed as being a top-tier quarterback. With that in mind, it’s time to dive deeper into why he doesn’t earn great respect from the fans.

Dak Prescott’s NFL career

Prescott entered the league as a fourth-round pick but was thrust into a significant role in the Cowboys’ future from the get-go in his rookie campaign after Tony Romo suffered a preseason back injury.

Since then, Prescott has held down the fort as the starting quarterback for the franchise, which has included a pair of playoff appearances behind winning the NFC East division title. The Cowboys have held a .500 or better record in each campaign with him at the helm.

Although Dallas fell to a disappointing close to the 2019 season that cost them a playoff spot, it saw Prescott put forth a career-best campaign. He set career highs by finishing second in the league with 4,902 passing yards and fourth with 30 touchdowns.

It was by far his most productive campaign, but the fact that didn’t result in at least a playoff berth put a damper on his individual success that saw him take some steps forward in his development.

Where Dak Prescott falls short

In his four seasons in the league, Prescott has firmly established himself as a viable starting quarterback.

The Cowboys may not have competed for a Super Bowl during that span, but he has shown enough to prove he can lead the franchise to success with a pair of playoff berths. However, it’s that next step beyond that he is held to that holds fans back in giving him more respect.

He’s a Pro Bowl-caliber quarterback that has all the physical tools to be a factor under center with his arm and when needed with his legs. Until he guides the Cowboys deep into the playoffs where they are in Super Bowl contention, it will be hard for him to garner the respect that comes with being a franchise cornerstone quarterback.

That pressure will only ramp up with the lucrative deal that is sure to come his way from the Cowboys that will make among the top-paid players at his position. It’s only his shoulders to guide the franchise forward beyond what it has with him under center over the last few seasons.

How can Dak Prescott earn that respect?

The gold standard is what set before him in franchise history. The Cowboys are held in high esteem as one of the most recognizable franchises in all of sports.

That puts the bar quite high with winning a Super Bowl as what he needs to garner the respect that he desires. That will make any contract receives worth it beyond just playoff berths. If he wants to be held in that next echelon, a Super Bowl win would undoubtedly go a long way for his career.

A Super Bowl win would lift him out of the shadow of Tony Romo and could help him garner legs in the conversation of best Cowboys quarterbacks in franchise history. What he has accomplished so far in his career is encouraging, but that type of success won’t give him the respect from fans that top-tier quarterbacks get unless he takes Dallas to the mountaintop.